SNODE WR100 Water Rowing Machine, Foldable, Heavy Duty Rower Review

SNODE WR100 Water Rowing Machine Rower

SNODE WR100 Water Rowing Machine

SNODE WR100 is a water rower for a decent total body cardio / aerobic training in the comfort of your home. It has a heavy duty, sturdy and durable iron frame and a foldable design for taking up less space and easy portability on its transportation wheels.

This popular water rowing machine has first become available at on August 22, 2021 and is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 242 customers at the moment. Your two color options are black and gray at the same price on the day of this product review. It has the Bluetooth app and interactive personal training by the FitLog app for Android and iOS devices and you can view your workout data like the Watt, 500m pace and spm. You have tutorials and you can set your training plan or hook it up to Fitshow or Kinomap.

Snode WR100 weighs 93 pounds and measures 79L x 20W x 36H inches and the maximum weight recommendation for this water rowing machine is 331 pounds on its robust iron frame. It has an LCD-backlit monitor with the standard indicators of calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled, count and total count. Scan displays each of these indicators one by one And there is even an iPad holder for watching workout or other videos and listening to music for being able to row longer and burn more calories.

This great high quality water rower works on water resistance as power. There are 16 hydro-blades inside the solid and durable polycarbonate water tank and you can expect great performance from this water rower as these hydrp-blades stimulate the real water rowing experience. Snode Rowing Machine offers a nice total body workout that includes your arms- triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs- core section, legs and glutes. It has the anti-slip handlebar and the adjustable foot straps to keep your feet in place. You can stay safe and focus on your workout with the stability offered and great grip.

SNODE WR100 Water Rowing Machine Rower LCD Display

Snode WR100 has a steel frame with a total user weight capacity of 331 pounds- it is heavy duty and lightweight. The rail is 43 inches long and the inseam is 40 inches and the ergonomic seat measures 10L x 12W x 2H inches. You can fold it up easily, store it in a convenient spot or put it against a wall to save on some space in your living area. According to some studies, rowing exercise gets about 85% of your muscles involved in a low impact workout that doesn’t put a burden on your joints.

With the water resistance it offers a smooth, steady and realistic rowing experience that is also challenging. And your level of resistance will depend on your rowing speed as the faster you row the more resistance you will get. It has the floor levelers at the bottom to level correctly on different floors without any shaking during your training session. This water rower comes with a water pump to put water in and for draining easily. It works efficiently and quietly with just the soothing water sound. You’ll get an anti-algae tablet for keeping the water clean and you would need to empty the water tank only rarely. It is offered with a year of structural frame warranty and a year of free shipping for any replacements needed. You have a 100% satisfied customer support that will try and get back to your queries quickly. They can be emailed on your product order page at or their email address.

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