Soozier 200W Compact Portable Vibration Machine with LCD Display Review

Soozier 200W Compact Vibration Platform via Amazon

Soozier 200W Compact Portable Vibration Machine

Gray Soozier 200W is a small vibration platform with a 1.5 horse power motor and 20 speed settings (1 to 20 gears) for different levels of challenge, and that is both portable and practical for exercise and therapeutical purposes. It has a functional LCD display panel and you can select the speed, time and program to customise the vibration intensity and type of work out you want and with indicators it will help you target your fitness goals. You’ll get yoga straps included and you can use them to work on your upper body and arms conveniently while you’re toning your lower body by stepping on the platform at the same time- targeting several muscles and joints. And you don’t have to go all the way down to the buttons on the panel when you want to stop or change the settings as it comes with a remote control for adjustment when you are in a standing position. Manufacturers of vibration machines and many people that use them claim to have an efficient and quick workout without having to put too much pressure on their bodies or making the time for gym at all after a long day at work.

Soozier 200W Compact Portable Vibration Platform

It has wheels underneath which gives it mobility and you can move it around easily in your house as it weighs 43 pounds and measures 25.2 x 24.8 x 9.8 inches- not lightweight but certainly has a stable and solid upgraded body. Soozier Vibration Platform has an 87 inch power cord for your convenience as it works with electric power and not batteries, and can carry a maximum user weight of 265 pounds. Burning calories with its different levels of vibration and muscle tightening and toning are possible outcomes with regular use over time and will help with recovery after your workout at the gym and relaxation, joint pain related to injuries or arthritis, leg cramps, stored inflammation around your hips- it will increase blood circulation, stimulate your entire body, increase your fitness level and improve your well-being. It is built to last as it is made of durable high quality materials- ABS plastic and steel with rubber coating at the top, designed for home or office use but also can be used at gyms. It has up to 20 gears and a frequency of 18 times per second and despite being designed as a simple and compact machine that will fit in any room of your house, it appears to be quite functional, works quietly and doesn’t consume much electricity- low power consumption. It is something you may want to give a try for 10 minutes a day if going to gym regularly is too much of a hassle or it may be something you would consider as an additional thing to your gym workout. Soozier 200W is quite an affordable unit as a vibration platform- good value for money and gets shipped pretty quickly via *Designed for use in United States as the input voltage needed is specified as 110-120V/60Hz and an amplitude of 0-10mm.

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