Soozier 7 Position Folding Adjustable Weight Bench – Red and Black Review

Soozier 7 Position Adjustable Weight Bench via Amazon

Soozier 7 Position Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

Red and black Soozier weight bench with adjustable 7 positions allows you to target your different body parts with a good range of exercises and has a foldable design for easy storage. It has a solid build quality with heavy duty stainless steel, is a comfy bench with soft and firm foam cushions giving your back and butt great support during longer exercise sessions and it has that feeling it should last a long time to give you quite a lot of workouts. Three materials- soft yet firm foam, PU leather and steel are used in a good combination in building this unit. Seat is not adjustable and has a fixed incline but the leg support has 3 height adjustments. This bench doesn’t occupy much space as it is and with its convenient foldable design it will get even smaller so you can put it away and get it out of sight with its transportation wheels and save more space if you live in a small flat (this is specified in product specifications but we’re not sure how by looking at the photo).

Soozier 7 Position Folding Adjustable Weight Bench - Red and Black

Soozier weight bench is multifunctional and versatile that will let you work on your upper body and abs efficiently with an adjustable height between 13 to 45.7 inches. The maximum weight for the total of user and free weights is 550 pounds so it is quite a stable and robust unit with a stainless steel construction (is not wobbly, flimsy or shaky- you will have no problems feeling steady on it unless you are too tall or big), weighs 33 pounds and measures 50.8 x 22.8 x 45.7 inches (with a backboard size of 30.7 x 11.8 x 2.4 inches). It is designed for strength training exercises to help you gain muscles and build your strength with a great workout routine. You can work on your core and abs and you will need some free weights in your home gym area so you can get going with a variety of beginner and advanced exercises, from light to heavy (you can get the weights from Amazon through the product page of this unit if you need them). Although not top of the range, it is low cost, smart looking in red and black- has a nice design, easy to set up (and comes mostly assembled anyway) and store away, is a good quality sturdy weight bench that does what it says it does and is worth the money it costs.

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