SPART Adjustable Foldable Flat Incline Decline Workout Bench, SPB-SUB5106 Review

SPART Adjustable Foldable Workout Bench

SPART Adjustable Foldable Workout Bench

SPART Adjustable Foldable Workout Bench (SPB-SUB5106) is a solid and durable fitness equipment for home gym use for a whole body workout in flat, incline and decline positions. It is good for weight lifting with dumbbells or bars or exercises with body weight. January 12, 2022 is the date it was first available at and is currently ranked as the 27th best selling strength training weight bench.

Spart Adjustable Weight Bench weighs 17.64 pounds and measures 44.5L x 12.1W x 39.8H inches as assembled and has a total load bearing capacity of 660 pounds with its heavy duty commercial quality thick steel frame and a stable triangular structure. With its adjustable structure and the 3 front seat, 2 foot pad and 7 backrest positions this resistance training weight bench can be locked quickly with the safety fast bolt adjustment and you can feel safe on it.

You can use it comfortably in flat, incline and decline positions for a variety of exercises, including bench presses, push ups, sit ups, dumbbell presses, single handed dumbbell lifts, curls, barbell rows, crunches, overhead presses, front and lateral raises etc. And you can work on your chest, arms- triceps & biceps, shoulders, back, abs- core and legs. It also comes with two free elastic resistance bands for strengthening and toning your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

SPART Adjustable Foldable Workout Bench Angles

The seat and the backrest have the 2-inch thick very dense carbon fiber style sponge and good quality anti-slip PU leather for making you feel comfortable during your session, decrease the fatigue on muscles and supporting your legs, and protecting your waist and lower back during your workout. It measures 31L x 12W x 12H inches as folded and will save you on up to 80% of space when not in use as you can put it away in a convenient spot, like under the bed or in the closet.

You’ll get the instruction manual and simple tools for assembly and it shouldn’t take more than minutes of your time as it is shipped almost assembled. The Italian brand Spart has been in the fitness equipment industry for two decades and has good quality and reliable fitness products like bags, balls, benches, barbells, barbell accessories, dumbbells, kettlebells, bikes, treadmills, ropes, mats and more. The high quality weight benches with the commercial grade steel go out on the market after hundreds of weight tests. They would certainly work well for those of you without enough time to get to gym regularly. And the model we’re reviewing on this page seems to be good value for money.

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