SQUATZ Apollo Board Mini: 150lb Resistance Smart Home Gym Cable Machine Review

SQUATZ Apollo Board Mini: 150lb Resistance Smart Home Gym Cable Machine

SQUATZ Apollo Board Mini- 150lb Resistance Smart Home Gym Cable Machine

With its compact size and powerful performance, the SQUATZ Apollo Board Mini is a great addition to any home gym, providing a flexible option for full-body exercises. It is 45 pounds in weight and has a folding form to accommodate workout enthusiasts and working people who have limited space. A resistance bar, handles, ankle straps, and a waist belt are all included in the package, giving you a complete toolkit for a variety of training styles.

Key Features:

Versatile Resistance Training: The Apollo Board Mini is appropriate for strength training and weightlifting since it provides a large range of resistance options, ranging from 8 to 150 pounds. With up to 75 pounds of resistance on each side, users have plenty of room to develop stronger personally and achieve a total resistance of 150 pounds.

Multiple Training Modes: The home gym equipment includes five resistance modes, namely Standard, Eccentric, Isokinetic, Elastic, and Rowing, to accommodate diverse training preferences and focus on different muscle areas. Real-time feedback is provided by the LED display, which improves the workout experience overall.

Compact and Portable: It is perfect for people with little space because of its foldable shape and small size, which make storage simple. Users can continue their regular exercise regimens even when traveling because of portability.

Smart Home Gym Experience: The FITZ by SQUATZ app, which offers access to a range of training plans and exercise videos, does not require a membership. The app offers a smooth and technologically advanced fitness experience by automatically logging workouts.

Customer Feedback:

Customers praise the flexibility of the Apollo Board Mini, which completely replaces traditional free weights. Many training choices are provided by the equipment’s resistance modes and its accessories.SQUATZ Apollo Board Mini- 150lb Resistance Smart Home Gym Cable Trainer Customers value the 150 lb resistance since it makes working out your entire body at home easy. A good at-home workout is enhanced by the simple setup, small size, and smart app assistance.

One customer emphasized how the equipment’s “Rowing” mode, which simulates water rowing, provides a distinctive and efficient training experience. Another person acknowledged how happy they were with the Bluetooth connectivity, calling it a useful feature that worked well with their electronic devices.


In conclusion, the SQUATZ Apollo Board Mini offers a modern at-home workout that is ideal for advancing your fitness goals. For those searching for effective and simple at-home workouts, its versatility, compact size, and smart features make it a remarkable option. Whether you’re a committed exercise enthusiast or a busy professional, this cable machine offers a complete solution to help you reach your fitness objectives.

The machine’s ability to effectively replace traditional gym equipment and enhance the convenience of at-home workouts is emphasized by the positive feedback left by customers. For those looking for a flexible and fun workout they can do at home, the Apollo Board Mini is a great buy because of its multiple resistance modes, smart functions, and portable design.

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