Stamina 1402 ATS Rower Review

Stamina 35-1402 ATS Rower via Amazon

Stamina 1402 ATS Rower

Silver Stamina 35-1402 ATS is a high end rower with a robust build quality; a digital panel with three separate windows that show the calories burned, speed, time, strokes per minute and total stroke; Air Transfer System- ATS wind resistance that constantly adjusts for smooth and efficient stroke and to match your speed; aluminium rowing beam; aluminium angled seat rail for convenient seat return and to support the comfortable and easily sliding seat that is upholstered and padded with extra support for your back; wide foot plates for anyone to use it; nylon foot straps that are adjustable to keep your feet in place and steady and textured hand grips to keep your hands stable.

Silver Stamina 35-1402 ATS weighs 59 pounds and measures 73.5 x 18.25 x 22 inches when assembled- not too heavy and not too big, can carry a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, is quite easy to set up and can be stored away conveniently as the frame is easily folded and has integrated wheels to help with portability, has plastic end caps underneath that both prevents slipping and protects the floor. It is designed to work on your back, arms, shoulders, abs, gluten and legs and you will feel them looking more defined and toned in no time, of course with the right nutrition (overall healthy eating habit) and will help straighten your posture too (is quite the whole body work out). This is a great value rower that feels durable, with not adjustable (as it adjusts automatically itself to the hardness of each of your stroke) but strong resistance.

Stamina 35-1402 ATS Rower

The air/wind can get a little loud but blows air at the same time and may also make it feel a bit more rhytmic, functional and comfortable with the handle bar located at the right spot- just beyond the feet and rail offering plenty of leg space to extend your feet and performs smoothly but one of the customers commented that the pedals are mounted a little high for their liking- we don’t have the unit on hand but they seem fine in the photos? It comes with a 12 month warranty on frame and 90 days on parts by Stamina Products, Inc. which is a fitness equipment company with almost three decades of history of making great quality products around the world and has brands like Tony Little, Suzanne Somers, Body by Jake and more that they are responsible for.

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