Stamina InMotion Rower, Silver 35-0123 Review

Silver Stamina InMotion Rower via Amazon

Stamina InMotion Rower, Silver

Stamina 35-0123 InMotion is a compact and solid hydraulic single piston resistance indoor rower for an efficient total body non-impact workout that lets you use all your muscles including your arms, abs, buttocks and back and will help you burn calories, lose weight and keep healthy. It has quite a small footprint due to its compact but durable design with a solid stainless steel construction and would be a great addition to any home gym. Foam handgrips and stitched cozy seat enable quite a comfortable experience when you’re rowing continuously and the foot plates with adjustable velcro straps are quite large and pivot to give you a natural and smooth rowing motion, feels strong and works quietly without vibrations so you won’t disturb anyone in your flat or your neighbours downstairs. It is more suitable for beginner level rowers- men, women or elderly but with 5 levels of resistance no reason why a bit more intermediate users can’t benefit from it.

Stamina InMotion is easy to store as it weighs just 27 pounds (maximum user weight it can carry is 250 pounds) and measures 56.5 x 23.5 x 19 inches and can stand upright (not foldable) and no transportation wheels as it is already so compact in size but we like the anti-slip floor protectors. The In Touch fitness monitor that starts when you press any button or when you start rowing (and will switch off after 4 minutes of no activity), shows the calories burned, strokes per minute, time, count (total strokes) and scan that changes between calorie, time etc. every 6 seconds or so and will help keep you motivated by tracking your workout data and quite frankly it is very hard for a rowing machine to have a monitor at all at this very low price level. Five levels of resistance (higher up to lower down) equals to different levels of difficulty and challenge so you can increase it as you go along or change up and down during the same workout session. It seems like one of the best value rowing machines out there at such low price- not many great competitors at this level.

Stamina InMotion Rower, 35-012

You do need to get off the rower and change resistance before you continue (and remember this is not a high end commercial rower). One piston design makes the rower lighter than double piston design, with a one-centered rowing arm, smoother rowing and lower price so you don’t have to worry about having two arms of a dual piston rower at the exact same resistance and you may even have one of the pistons wearing out faster. Hydraulic pistons can get warmer with the oil inside (which can also leak) so you may need to wait after a 15 minute of rowing as you will see on the warning labels. With the Stamina InMotion your legs will get a better workout as the centre beam sit son an inclined angle and you will find yourself pushing up the incline which means a more challenging workout. The rowing motion can be done in three phases: The catch phase with knees bent, shins vertical and arms and shoulders forward (just like the phase you put your oars in the water), the drive phase, finish phase and the recovery (please refer to the Amazon product page for more details).

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