Stamina Power Tower Home Gym 50-1692 Review

Stamina Power Tower Home Gym 50-1692

Stamina Power Tower Home Gym

Red Stamina Power Tower 50-1692 is the new versatile, functional, well-built and robust one piece home gym equipment that will help you focus on your strength, endurance and even help you build muscles in rather intense but safe exercise sessions that will involve your own body weight. You will be able to work your chest, back, triceps, biceps, abs or your whole core section without using any additional weights through different exercises: You can do chin ups, dips and push-ups with multi grips for your triceps, chest and shoulders; sit-ups and vertical knee raises for your abdominals and pull-ups for your back muscles. It has a nicely painted finish- looks nice in red and black, has no sharp or pointy edges, a relatively small footprint as it measures only 51 x 27 x 4 inches- (6’ 10” tall) when totally assembled. It is easy enough to put together in about 45 minutes or in less than an hour but is better to have a second person and the extra tools like ratchet / socket wrenches in your house and you can easily put it anywhere in your house.

Stamina Power Tower Home Gym 50-1692

Stamina Power Tower weighs 76 pounds- is light enough to be moved around but has a powerful stainless steel construction- feels stable and doesn’t wobble or shake, stays put and seems to have no balance issues at all. The padding for your forearms and back and the foam hand grips for your pull-ups and push-ups make it comfortable to work out on and are all easy to clean. If you have a smaller and slimmer body with narrow shoulders, the arm pads can be a little distant from each other but this is to be expected as they are designed to accommodate different body types- medium and large too. Overall this is quite a decent value for money tower- well built, functional and versatile for you to do a variety of exercises for your different muscles. It can also be a great additional unit to have for those days when you can’t or don’t get to gym and do your “body weight” exercises in the comfort of your home, if you are serious about building muscles and already have a gym membership. *Stamina Products Inc. has been in the business for almost three decades- since 1987 of creating great quality home fitness products at fair prices, and offering decent customer support.

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