Stamina Wave Water Rowing Machine 35-1445 Review

Stamina 1445 Wave Water Rowing Machine 


Stamina Wave 1445 (35-1445) is a brand new release water rowing machine that will make you feel like you’re rowing on a river or lake, offering you a more realistic experience than the regular rowers. With the water resistance, it will all feel smoother and it comes with solid pivoting footplates with adjustable straps for added security. You will hear the sound of water and feel the difference straight away and you can benefit from the water resistance with infinite resistance levels. With the dynamic rowing stroke of water resistance, just like when you’re rowing on water, the more and harder you row, the more the resistance will be and when you slow down and the resistance will be decreased. There is a multi-functional LCD display with Down, Up, Mode and Preset buttons and displays your time, calories, distance, stroke count and strokes per minute. The rower handle is nicely padded and textured for easier and better grip and you have the large and comfy molded seat so you can row longer. It has a robust steel frame and the rowing beam that the seat moves on when you row is very sturdy and solid, made of steel and are both constructed to last longer. And the wide seat will glide smoothly with the ball bearing rollers. 


Stamina Wave 1445 looks nice in black with the blue water reservoir at the front, weighs 71.7 pounds, can carry a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, and measures 85.35 x 20.25 x 33.75 inches. It is not sent totally assembled and will require a certain amount of assembly, with the instructions manuals and tools provided. You’ll see the leveling end caps to increase the stability on the back and include a dial to conveniently level the rower. When you’re done with your rowing session, just fold the unit, lift it and roll it on its transport wheels at the front to a convenient corner of your room. You’ll find a siphon that you can use to put in or to take out water and you’ll notice the soothing sound of water straight away when you row, and it will all feel more realistic. The large molded seat can have people of different sizes, heights, and weights. Please keep your little ones- kids and pets away from the rower when you’re exercising. Like with any exercise program you may want to ask a physician or your healthcare person if you have a related condition and if you feel dizzy during the rowing session, stop immediately. Just make sure you put it together correctly and according to instructions with all the nuts and bolts tightened, because if it is not assembled properly it can easily cause an injury.

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