Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike Review

Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike

Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike

Stamina WIRK is an under desk exercise bike that lets you exercise while you’re sitting at your desk in the comfort of your home or office. It will help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, burn calories and fat, lose weight, tone up, strengthen your arms and legs, increase endurance, and improve your overall health.

Considering how many hours an average person spends in the office, this can be quite useful to those that are trying to lose weight or keep in shape but cannot do so because of being trapped in front of the computer. It runs quietly being designed for use while working in the office, with the quiet magnetic resistance so you will not be disturbing yourself or your colleagues. You will be sitting at the right angle and pedaling so you can focus on your work and not miss the important stuff. It offers 8 levels of difficulty for the challenge that you can adjust it easily in the middle of your workout through the simple tension knob right at the back section.

The low profile design (only 11 inches high) lets you slide it easily and pedal comfortably under a standard desk without any knee-to-desk interaction or hitting. Green Stamina Wirk weighs 20 pounds and measures 23.5 x 12 x 11 inches and will require simple assembly. The anti-slip, textured pedals with straps ensure your feet stay secure during your workout even during the most intense workout. The straps are adjustable for a customized fit so you will feel comfortable no matter what size your feet are. You can also work your upper body by pedaling with your hands rather than your feet.

Stamina WIRK Under Desk Bike

It comes with a wireless multi-function monitor that you can put anywhere on your desk, as compared to the wired or Bluetooth models of the competitor models. And you will see your exercise time, calories burned, distance and rotations per minute and you can make it scan through these stats automatically without pressing the buttons each time. An average person that weighs 150 pounds burns roughly 100 calories per hour by sitting and working at a desk.

And by using the Stamina Wirk they can burn approximately 200 calories more if they pedal the whole time at an average speed. The only disadvantage of using this or similar fitness products in an office is how uncomfortable exercising in your work clothes may make you feel. But this should be fine if you wear light clothes and heating is not turned up high in the office. Stamina has about thirty years of history in the health and fitness equipment industry. And they are known for their great quality, solid and functional products with innovative and modern design and superior customer support. Some of their well-known brands include Brenda DyGraf, Tony Little, Suzanne Summers and Body by Jake. This Stamina Wirk is a good value product that is worth considering if you see yourself using an under desk bike.

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