STAR POWER Water Rowing Machine 335lb Capacity Rower with LCD Display Review

STAR POWER 335lb Capacity Water Rower

STAR POWER Water Rowing Machine 335LB

STAR POWER Water Rowing Machine is a solid, durable, sleek and modern cardiovascular and resistance training equipment LCD-backlit display, tablet holder, adjustable anti-slip pedals, comfortable molded ergonomic seat and soft handle. The solid alloy steel frame of this water rower can carry a maximum of 335 pounds of total user weight. 

You will experience an even and smooth resistance with the power of water in the fine crafted, quality PV water tank, which is a bit different to the mechanical feeling of magnetic or air resistance rowers. It offers you a rather realistic experience as it will feel just like being in a boat in a river or a lake with the sound of water. The looped and textured anti-slip pedals help keep your feet in place during your workout. And there is a stabilizer at the back for keeping the rower safe and stable on the ground- on different floors. 

You can use this rower at home at any time of the day or night. The inseam is 35 inches and users at different heights- shorter or taller people can use it comfortably. It works smoothly and quietly at a minimum noise level without disturbing you or the people around you and you can watch training or other videos on your smartphone or tablet that you can put on the device holder. The level of resistance will depend on how much water you put in the tank and how hard you pull the handle. You can confirm the level of resistance by checking the guide on the water tank and adjust it to a level that would suit you.

It doesn’t have a foldable design but includes the transport wheels at the front to be moved easily by a single person and store it in a vertical position in a convenient part of your house. It will not take up more space than a dining room chair and you can lay it out easily whenever you want a quick rowing session indoors. The 3D ergonomic seat is quite comfortable even over long sessions and resistant to impact and will not make you feel tired even over long sessions. The adjustable anti-slip foot pedals haveSTAR POWER Water Rowing Machine 335LB Water Rower the foot straps for keeping your feet in place and making you feel safe and comfortable. The foot plates are good for different feet sizes and will help prevent potential injuries due to foot slipping.

The large LCD-backlit monitor shows the distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned and count and lets you monitor your data and progress whenever and wherever you want during your workout session. It is very easy to assemble by one person as you just slide the seat on the rail and hook up this rail to the pre-assembled rower. It was first available at on April 2, 2022, has a single review and rating of 5 stars so far and is currently ranked the 57th best selling rowing machine. Star Power Water Rower is offered with a 12-month warranty that includes a free part replacement as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can contact the customer service through your order page on Amazon or the support email in the manual. 

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