Steelbody Deluxe 6-Position Utility Weight Bench, STB-10105 Review

Steelbody Deluxe 6-Position Utility Bench, STB-10105

Black and brown Steelbody Deluxe STB-10105 is a versatile utility weight bench with 6 positions for resistance or weight training as well as ab exercises. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars for this popular utility bench by 183 users at the moment.

It is not suitable for use at the gym but you’d be hard pressed to find a sturdier bench than this¬† for home. Thanks to its sturdy and durable construction it is suitable for use by people at different training and fitness levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced. You’ll get an effective daily whole body workout.

You can do bench press, chest press, shoulder press, incline press, lateral raise, dumbbell kickback and more. You can work on your chest, deltoids, shoulders, triceps, biceps (incline alternating dumbbell curls), back and core section. It has a deluxe seat pad, transportation wheels and sawtooth adjustment. The bench pads are adjustable for your comfort in different positions and exercises. Please note that you can not attach a leg curl or leg developer attachment.

You can adjust the backrest to 6 angles in flat, incline and upright positions. And you have 5 adjustable positions for the seat pad. The padding is quite thick- two inches and has the solid faux Canvas vinyl cover that makes it comfortable during your weight training sessions. The non-marking end caps and the foot pads will prevent the bench legs from scratching the floor. It is a very solid piece of equipment that will not shake, wobble or move during your session even if you are a big guy. The mid-section is brown and legs are black on the Steelbody Deluxe Bench.

It has a high quality, heavy duty steel frame with powder coating for a total user weight capacity of 800 pounds (300 pounds for the user weight). As a conveniently portable unit it can be moved in your house by holding the handle on its transport Steelbody Deluxe 6 Position Weight Benchwheels for relocation and storage or to add to your power rack or cage. Transport wheels are located at the rear of the bench. It weighs 56.1 pounds (shipping weight) and measures 47L x 25.5W x 45H inches as assembled. The back pad is 15 inches at its widest point and 11.5″ at the top.

The top of the seat pad is 18 3/8 inches high off the ground. The highest incline is about 70-80 degrees, and not the full 90 degrees. For your leg you can do a single leg lunge with one leg on the bench and the other leg doing the lunge. It is a relatively low bench that makes you feel more stable when you’re lifting weights. The gap between the backrest and the seat is a little large, but shouldn’t be a major problem in most cases. Overall we are more than happy to recommend this sturdy bench to any weight lifter. You’ll get a limited manufacturer warranty of ten years for the frame.

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