Sugarhost Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Sugarhost Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike 

SUGARHOST Stationary Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

The Sugarhost Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike has a sporty look and feel and offers a great low-impact cardiovascular workout at home. It is designed to help you burn fat and calories, lose weight, keep in shape and strengthen leg muscles and your core section.

It is offered in two colour options of black and red – white. The fact that it is built solid and durable makes it ideal for use by different people in your family or at home. For a relatively low priced product it is lightweight yet heavy-duty with a sturdy steel frame that can carry a total user weight of 440 pounds.

The padded leather PU sport saddle is fully adjustable, both horizontally and vertically for proximity to handles and height. You can move it forward and backward and up and down easily and locks properly for safety and stability (positive locking post adjustment). And people of different sizes and heights can use it comfortably, especially wen they’re riding the bike for a long time.

The handlebar is also easily adjustable and you will see how comfortable it feels when you’re riding this indoor bike. And you will be able to do the adjustment without even interrupting your momentum. There is a top down tension knob that is conveniently located in the middle and simple to use. It lets you change the level of difficulty- intensity easily with an easy twist.

SUGARHOST Stationary Exercise Bike Indoor BikeWith 8 levels of resistance, you can move the resistance up and down smoothly as you go along, and finishing it at low resistance- cooling down at the end. This way you will achieve better results with a more challenging session. It is suitable for use by people with any skill level- beginner, intermediate or advanced. There is even a security stop switch that you can use at any time.

The black and white LED display has a red Mode button in the middle, that lets you change the workout statistics- indicators of Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, rpm, Odometer and pulse rate. And the Scan indicator will let you see each of these stats one by one without you pressing the button. You’ll also find a bottle holder with a metal water bottle included so you can stay hydrated during your session without having to move from your seat.

Aluminum alloy pedals with adjustable straps will also make your workout feel more stable. It measures 90 x 24 x 86cm and includes dual transportation wheels at the front so you can move it easily in your house. You will enjoy a quiet and smooth ride with the solid drive, magnetic resistance and a large dynamic flywheel. This is an expensive and premium looking product at a very reasonable price, and offers decent value for money.

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