Sunny Health & Fitness Essential Power Rack Squat Stand, SF-XF920063 Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Essential Power Rack

Sunny Health & Fitness Essential Adjustable Power Rack

Sunny Health & Fitness Essential SF-XF920063 is an adjustable power rack that is offered as the squat rack / stand, squat rack with the lat attachment & bench, with only the bench or with the lat attachment. Please check out the price differences for each offer on the product page.

The product(s) was first available at on August 20, 2021 and there are only three reviews and ratings so far with an average rating of 5 stars. The total maximum user weight or carrying capacity is 800 pounds on this power rack and it will expand your resistance training limits, how much weight you can lift, push or handle and move up to the next level. There are 22 adjustable J-hooks on this versatile power rack and you can do your bench presses, deadlifts to squats among other things in your daily workout routine.

You can set the adjustable and movable pull-up bar to three different height settings. With the weight plate storage you’ll find at the back you can keep your home gym organized by keeping your weight plates there. And this will also make the power rack more stable. You’ll find the resistance band pegs on two sides to add a bit of variety to your daily workout routine and to improve your workout experience overall. The end caps that you’ll see on the rack’s corners will offer a bit of safety and stability during your resistance training.

The Essential Power Rack is solid and durable, being made of a good quality steel and it is quite adjustable to fit different dimensions for your different resistance training exercises. The maximum recommended user height is 6′ 4″ for this power rack squat stand and you can use the regular 7 feet regular Olympic barbell. The weight bench is sturdy and durable with a total maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. With the foam cushioning you can feel comfortable during your workoutSunny Health & Fitness Essential Adjustable Power Rack Squat Stand sessions. And it has the protective covering and rollers that absorb the moisture and can be cleaned very easily.

The robust and stable lat pull down attachment that you may choose to get with this power rack has a maximum total user weight capacity of 352 pounds. You can do your underarm upright rows and curls that are helped by the counterweight. The upright handles are just located near your feet and will help with your whole upper body training routine. You can get a variety of Sunny Health Power Zone accessories that are compatible with this great power rack to train your whole body. Sunny Health & Fitness has almost two decades of history in the fitness industry and it became quite a well-known brand with the good quality fitness equipment at the affordable prices.

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