Synergee Olympic Hex Barbell Trap Bar 25 kg, Chrome and Black Review

Synergee Olympic Hex Barbell Trap Bar

iheartsynergee 25kg Chrome & Black Olympic Hex Barbell Trap Bar

Synergee Olympic Hex Barbell Trap Bar (iheartsynergee) is 56 inches long with a 10-inch sleeve, weighs 25kg and comes with two handles for you to do your shrugs, deadlifts, power pulls and squats. It is a popular hot new release weight lifting product- resistance training bar that is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 45 customers.

You can get this¬†Synergee Hex Bar in chrome or black phosphate coating. It has the convenient raised handles for you to pick it up easily off the ground with much less burden on your back and hands, especially when you’re doing squats. You can also do lunges, deadlifts and mid deadlifts. It is a very good quality steel hex bar with a good combo of the conventional hex bar and a high hex bar.

You’ll feel comfy when you’re lifting it and the weights with its anti-slip knurled grip. 10-inch sleeves let you add much more weight up to 750 pounds to the hex bar’s own 55 lb. weight and have a more intense workout for better and quicker results. All the weight will be equally distributed along your body’s mid section. If you notice any issues with this hex bar and you’re not happy, you will be refunded no matter what and sent a brand new bar free of charge. This simply means the company stands behind their products.

By using a hex bar rather than a standard bar for your deadlifts you can lift heavier and involve more muscles, hence contributing better growth of muscles by time. The weight will be kept closer to your body and more of quads will be used with much less burden on your lumbar spine. The weight is moved from the hams and glutes onto the quads when you’re doing your power pulls, shrugs or dead lifts. The weight lift is very much centered rather than being off the axis, thanks to the neutral grip and hexagonal design.

iheartsynergee 25kg Chrome & Black Olympic Hex Barbell

The standard diamond knurl on the bottom handle is 1.5mm and the top handle knurl is 1.2mm. There will not be any slipping whether you’re lifting with gloves or without. Chrome or black phosphate Synergee Hex Bar weighs 54 pounds and measures 22 x 57 x 6 inches. The handle bars have 1-inch diameter and 3 1/2-inch circumference. The handles are 23 inches apart. You will get one set of collars in the package.

Although the total weight it can handle is 750 pounds you can have a maximum of six plates on each side and more with the thinner calibrated plates. Weight lifters at different levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced can use it comfortably, to simply get into shape or progress in their weight lifting routines. The Synergee Hex Bar is a great solid piece of workout equipment to own by the serious weightlifters.¬†It offers a very nice alternative to a regular bar and is easier for beginners to lift weights on this with much less risk of injuries. You can’t really put it on your weights rack because of the length and the design of the bar, and you need to lift it off the ground. Overall it is a very decent sturdy hex bar with a level of quality and appearance that are beyond what its price may suggest.

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