Titan Adjustable Dumbbell Column Stand and Plate Tree Power Block Review

Titan Dumbbell Column Stand & Plate Tree 


Titan Dumbbell Column Stand and Plate Tree Power Block is solid and heavy duty steel with a 260-pound weight carrying capacity for the dumbbells plus whatever you can put on the plate trees. You can have the one inch thick plates on the plate tree, is able to hold different dumbbells and at the appropriate heights for lifting of the column stand design so you don’t hurt your back. It comes with four weight plate trees of 1 x 8 inches and two dumbbell rest areas of 19 3/8 x 7 7/8 inches on a base of 23.75 x 11.5 inches with a height of 28.125 inches. So you can have a variety of one-inch weight plate adjustable dumbbells, different dumbbells and power blocks.

Titan Dumbbell Stand and Plate Tree has a simplistic design, looks and feels sturdy with a sort of a premium feel as it is made of solid and heavy duty powder coated steel, looks great in black. The whole unit- column stand and the plate tree, weighs 35 pounds and does not take up much space if you have a smaller gym area in your house. You can expect it to be shipped on the same day of your order via Amazon.com, is offered with one year of limited warranty for repairs, replacement if it can not be repaired or a refund and you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. So you can certainly have a peace of mind as you have this solid backup by Titan, which is also a proof of its high-quality construction. Functional, versatile and sturdy and we certainly recommend it at the current price level.

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