Titan Fitness 86″ Chrome Barbell for 2″ Olympic Plates Review

Titan Fitness 86″ Chrome Barbell for 2″ Olympic Plates 

Titan Fitness 86 barbell 2 inch olympic plates

The recent release 86 inch Titan Fitness barbell is very solid with a heavy duty construction, to be used with Olympic plates with 2 inch holes and that can carry a maximum of 1000 pounds of weight for bench presses, close grip tricep presses, bicep curls and tens of other barbell exercises and is designed for both home and gym use. It is a balanced unit and where you hold the bar when lifting weight is diamond knurled and anti-slip so you’ll be safer and you are recommended to wear gym gloves to be protected from chrome splinters, not that it would happen. It weighs 46 pounds, has a 1000 lbs weight capacity, is quite a sturdy heavy duty barbell that is suitable for 86 inch long and with 1.2 inch grip diameter and 2 inch plate diameter. Diamond knurled surface is made up of a 7 inch knurled area in the center and 4 x 8 inch areas and with a 52 inch distance between the sleeves. Titan Fitness 86 inch Barbell is sent very fast- same day and free of charge, in a box that measures 87.2 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches via Amazon.com.

titan fitness 86 inch barbell

One thing pointed out by a couple of customers is that this barbell is a little tough to use for deadlifts due to the very light and gentle knurling which some people may actually prefer to hard knurling when doing high bar squats etc. and other than that it will pretty much do the job just fine for a low cost pro grade barbell: Good balance point, Olympic knurl ring spacing, tight cap ends, very good spin, very durable with very high weight capacity, chrome finish and not so deep knurling as the only con we can see it is a great barbell at an affordable price. In the box you will only get the single barbell and no plates or collars are included and they need to be purchased separately and you won’t need to do any maintenance work on this very solid bar with chrome finish. Titan Fitness brand belongs to the company called Titan Distributors Inc. based in Collierville, Tennessee and they seem to have a genuine focus on customer satisfaction and the products they offer come with one year limited warranty and they will either repair, replace or refund, and the price under hundred bucks seems fair for this good quality and design product.

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