Titan Fitness T-3 Series 82″ Power Rack Review

Titan Fitness T-3 Series 82″ Power Rack 

Titan T-3 Series Power Rack

The T-3 Series Power Rack is a very solid and versatile 82 inch size unit with a 1000 pound weight capacity by Titan Fitness offering workout stability and efficiency when you’re doing deadlifts, squats, military presses, bench presses, pull ups, dips, shrugs, curls and more. This is a commercial grade power rack with solid hardware for home use that is suitable for all day use by different people from very young to very old. With the heavy duty 11 gauge steel construction (close to 1/8 inch thick) it is claimed to be the best out there on the market at this price point in terms of sturdy construction, strength, durability and stability when you’re working out so there won’t be any wobbling or shaking and it will not tip even when it is not bolted down. T-3 Power Rack has 2 x 3 inch steel tubes and two pull ups bars, weighs 230 pounds and measures 42 x 30 inches on the inside, needing a floor space of 32.5 x 54 inches and 91 x 46 x 36 inches on the outside (84 inch height for the pull-up bar). It is easy to put together and will fit in rooms with shorter 7 ft tall ceilings and you will be able to move freely side-to-side and do different exercises as the rack has 21 different positions and able to accommodate a variety of exercises at different heights.

Titan T-3 Series 82 inch Power Rack

You can do a variety of resistance training exercises with this power rack and store your plates as it includes the solidly built HD steel J-hooks for barbell plates storage and two different pull-up bars of 1.25 inch and 2 inch size to accommodate different hands. You can use your exercise bands and hold straps on these two pull-up bars and J-hooks can have both dumbbells and barbells for different resistance workout needs and westside hole pattern- holes with an inch spacing you will see on the sides of the rack let you relocate the weight holders, j-hooks and spotter bars. You have these spotter arms underneath the J-hooks for spotting purposes when you’re doing bench press (both the dip bars and spotter arms attach to the power rack easily). Titan Fitness offers very good quality, sturdy and stable strength training products at competitive prices and you get the best customer service so it appears to be quite a good investment. Price is right and if you don’t want to spend too much on a power rack it will give you everything you need in a home power rack- a very functional and versatile rack built like a tank with the heavy gauge steel, often compared to the much more expensive Rogue R-3, just not with the same quality paint and welds, but pretty much the same thing in other ways.

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