Titan Short Power Rack 71.5 inch Squat Deadlift Lift Cage Review

71.5″ Titan Short Power Rack via Amazon

Titan Power Rack Short 71.5 inch Squat Deadlift Lift Cage Bench Racks crossfit pull

Titan SHPWR1-SHPWR2 is the steel 71.5 inch short power rack for a variety of exercises- quite a useful fitness equipment to have in your home gym at a very competitive price. It comes unassembled and you’ll get the set-up instructions along with a diagram that shows all the necessary bits and pieces, you’ll see different bars, two bags of bolts and whatever is needed for the assembly and if you have someone to help you out it shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete the task and even though the instructions provided are not the best it is more about common sense. The unit has a nice paint and looks good overall, in terms of weight and other measurements: It weighs 93 pounds, measures 48 x 58 x 71.5 inches overall, is quite solid and sturdy with a 700 pound weight capacity, is 71.5 inch tall (designed to fit in homes with short ceilings) with a 44 inch opening and 45 inch depth and 48 x 58 inch floor space, has a 1.25 inch chin up bar, 2 inch steel tubes and a pair of 1 inch round steel official Titan j-hooks. Being a solid and robust power rack as far as the units designed for home racks go, it will make you feel safe while exercising, whatever you’re doing- shrugs, dips, curls, bench press, sitting and standing overhead military press, squats and others with the large walk-in design that lets you do plenty of side-to-side movement.

Titan Power Rack Short 71.5 Squat Deadlift Lift Cage

You will see 21 height adjustment holes and the tough safety bars and j hooks can be moved around on the rack and it goes quite low for you to do your partial dead lifts comfortably and includes safety spotter pins as you can see on the product pictures. You don’t need to drill it into the ground as it will stay stable with the three sided support base and two plate holders at the rear to which you can add plates for additional stability. For the price level concerned it is one of the best, most stable and solid racks you can get and it certainly does the job, will be fine to use by even very heavy adults and is suitable for also tall people and short ceilings. You can do your chin ups, pull ups, bench press, calf raises, barbell rows and all the other exercises, as it can also hold a lot of weights, has the very sturdy pull up bar and you can also purchase the additional dip bars. It is quite easy to assemble in half an hour or under an hour if you have one or two people to help you out with the assembly but try not to over tighten the bolts, which is easy to do. If you’re a tall guy there won’t be a lot of headroom for you as this is the shorter rack and you may want to watch your head for not hitting the pull up bar and the hand grip is a little harsh and somewhat slippery but all in all it really is quite impressive for how much it costs, is great for any home gym and we most definitely recommend it.

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