TOMSHOO 2000W Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

TOMSHOO 2000W Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

TOMSHOO 2000W Vibration Platform

Tomshoo 2000W Vibration Platform is a heavy duty product with a sleek and modern design for fitness and massage purposes. With the strong vibrations provided by the 1.5 horsepower 2000-watt (110V / 60Hz, 0-13mm amplitude) powerful motor and 160 speeds you will feel your entire body feeling the strong massage. The variable speed range is between 1 and 160, so you can start from slow and move up slowly, not at high speed straight away.

It has the MP3 socket and the loudspeakers on both sides of the LCD display so you can enjoy your music while you’re working out. You’ll find four small LED displays ( 4 LED data display) for Time, Speed, Calories/Fat (Body Mass Index- BMI) and Mode and the console is easy to use with the touch buttons. You have the fat sensors and ten preset programs that include the Fat Scan feature.

Two detachable yoga straps are included in the package so you can work your arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles. The way you work the other parts of your body like your hands, arms, chest, shoulders, back, lower back or hips, abdominals, thighs, legs and more is through the different postures of your body as displayed in product photos and the instructions manual. It has four suction cups so you will feel stable on it and your floors will be protected.

TOMSHOO 2000W Vibration Platform Machine

Tomshoo 2000W Vibration Platform weighs 67.7 pounds, measures 27.6 x 31.5 x 48.4 inches and has a space saving design with a relatively small footprint. It has the sturdy steel support frame and can have a maximum total weight of up to 300 pounds. The section you put your feet on- the foot plate is very large. Ten minutes per day on this unit is often enough to get results after a while if you also have a healthy diet. And it is even better if you combine this with a conventional workout plan.

Tomshoo Vibration Plate is designed to massage your body, enhance blood circulation, help fight and reduce cellulite, improve your metabolism, help you lose weight, tone and strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, coordination, and balance. It may also help you recover from injuries. It is a fitness product that you and other members of your family can use but is wise to consult your doctor prior to use if you have any relevant condition. It looks and feels premium, does the job well and has a fair price for what it offers.

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