TOMSHOO Adjustable Multi-Station Weight Bench and Barbell Squat Rack Review

Tomshoo Multi-Station Weight Bench + Rack


Here is the Tomshoo brand, modern, functional and durable multi-station, adjustable weight bench with a professional design that can be used in decline, flat, incline and sit-up positions for a great multi-functional strength / resistance training so you can build, strengthen, tone and maintain your muscle mass, without having to get to a gym. There is a preacher curl pad with a comfy panel so you can do your tricep and bicep exercises and do leg extensions and leg curls with the thick foam rollers underneath. You have the height adjustable barbell rack with safety locking that you can use for a variety of barbell lifting exercises and you can even do squats by using it like a squat rack. The barbell and dumbbells you see in the photo are not included in the package. There are also two resistance bands as you can see in the photo, and they are fun to use, quite convenient as they can easily fit in your bag unlike the heavy weights and you can work on your chest, biceps, triceps, lower and upper back, shoulder, legs and abs, so they will certainly add to the range of your workout. 


Tomshoo Weight Bench and Rack weighs 53 pounds and has the measurements of 77.9 x 40.9 x 48 inches, occupies some space as you’d expect and will need a permanent spot in your home gym. It has a solid and heavy duty steel tube frame foam padded backrest with lower back support for your comfort during your weight lifting session, so you can go for longer and the thick padding contributes to the durability of the bench. You’ll see the anti-slip rubber pads underneath the bench and the barbell rack so your floors will be protected and not be damaged. The weight bench is built sturdy with a robust steel frame and can carry a weight of up to 550 pounds (250kg), and is a good choice for the beginner, intermediate and advanced trainers. The weight bench is made of steel and PU leather- which is made with split leather covered with a polyurethane layer. The best thing about this unit is the very large range of exercises you can do for your whole body- upper, lower and core section. And as a multifunctional workout unit that offers a great range of workouts for the whole body, you will probably not need to get much extra, in terms of equipment and tools, but this will also depend on your needs and what you wish to achieve. There aren’t any customer reviews out yet online but the price to performance ratio seems to be great, due to the great versatility, functionality and build quality of the unit.

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