TOMSHOO Multifunctional Vibration Platform Review

TOMSHOO Multifunctional Vibration Plate


This is a complete multifunctional vibration platform with a modern design and a 200 watt power (120V) motor and three-dimensional vibrations, for relaxation and massage, stretching, exercising both the lower and upper body with the elastic resistance bands provided, shaping your body, toning muscles, weight loss- both calories and fat, improving your flexibility and balance, enhancing blood circulation, reducing cellulite and more. You will see a functional touch button LED display that shows the time and speed (1 to 18km per hour speed range) conveniently and you can either choose the manual or the automatic option by just a simple click of a button on the remote control if your hands are not positioned close to the display panel. Tomshoo Vibration Platform weighs 33.51 lbs, has a total of 264 lb maximum weight capacity as a heavy duty and sturdy unit and measures 15.4 x 24.8 x 5.5 inches- good size for a variety of exercises, not small but only 5.5 inch thin which makes it easier to move around and store in a convenient part of your house. 


You can expect to get a decent daily training by dedicating just ten minutes of your time, with the strong 3D vibrations offered by this high-end vibration plate. And you can feel the walking, jogging or running effects by simply placing your feet accordingly as each of these three zones offer different vibration frequencies: Two feet right in the middle for walking, a little apart for jogging and right near the edges for running effect or do things like bicep curls and high pulls by using the removable elastic bands attached to the bottom of the unit by using the steel rings, work your calves, abs, buttocks, thighs and most parts of your body.  For stability, it has four anti-slip suction feet underneath so it stays in place during its operation and will protect your floors from potential damage or scratches. In the box you will get the Tomshoo Vibration Plate, elastic resistance bands, a remote control and a power cable. There is almost no assembly required and is easy to operate straight out of the box as you just need to step on the platform and start relaxing or exercising by trying out different positions at different speeds. Shipping is quick and the seller guarantees that they thoroughly inspect each item so that nothing defective is sent to the customer.

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