Topiom Walnut Wood, Water Resistance Rower Rowing Machine Review

Topiom Walnut Wood Water Rowing Machine

Topiom Water Rowing Machine

Topiom Water Rowing Machine is a walnut wood rower for indoor home use with the adjustable footrest and bench, LCD-backlit display and Bluetooth function. The average user rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 18 customers at the time of this post release that was first available at on September 19, 2020. And it is currently ranked the 50th best selling rowing machine on the website.  

Dark brown Topiom Wooden Rower weighs 66 pounds (30kg) and measures 83L x 22W x 20H inches (210cm x 56cm x 51cm). The total maximum recommended user weight is 397 pounds (180kg) and the maximum user height / inseam height is 38 inches (97cm). It doesn’t have a foldable design but comes with the transport wheels for easy relocation and can also be stored in a vertical position to take up very little space in the corner of your room. The standing storage footprint is just 20 x 22 inches.  

You have the three workout modes of Manual, Interval Custom and Target as well as the standard rowing workout indicators of distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned, rpm, strokes and total strokes on the LCD display. This energy saving LCD display has the adjustable angle for your easy viewing and performance monitoring during your workout session. Kinomap app is supported on this wooden rower and you can connect to it with your smartphone via Bluetooth for monitoring your workout stats and keeping track of your progress to get to the results you want faster.

It is a very good quality rowing fitness equipment that goes through thorough inspections and tests for materials, parts and the assembly to make sure what they send to the customers are not below the standards. The thickened water tank is aviation grade with the wear, impact and corrosion resistance. It works with the resistance of water in the waterTopiom Water Rowing Machine Rower Parts tank that can be filled by the USB charged electric water pump provided in the box. It has the corrosion resistant and less deformable aluminium alloy rails that the seat slides on for a smooth rowing experience. 

This high quality wood water rower has the solid water tank, fibre recoil belt, adjustable anti-slip footplates with the adjustable foot straps, solid and durable aluminium alloy rail, 3D ergonomic folded seat, and damping foot pad underneath. With the water resistance and the sound of water it feels like the real strokes on a lake or a river. It rows smoothly, steadily and quietly and feels relatively real and challenging. The level of resistance will depend on how much water you have in the water tank and how fast you row. The flywheel starts to spin as soon as you pull the rower handle and the quicker the paddles spin in water the more resistance you will get. 

It is suitable for use by people of all ages and fitness levels with the varying levels of resistance for both aerobic and strength training. Rowing exercise gets up to 86% of your muscles in your body involved, including arms- biceps & triceps, shoulders, core section, hips, legs- glutes & hamstrings, chest and back. It is very easy to use and you should work it out very quickly if you’re new to the rowing exercise. It offers a natural low impact workout that puts very little stress on your joints. This wood water rower is shipped in two boxes and please ensure you have both of them before you begin to put the pieces together by following the instructions on the user manual. The warranty offered is 5 years for the structural frame and 3 years on the main components. 

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