Total Gym Force All in One Exercise Machine Review

Total Gym Force Everything Your Body Needs via Amazon

Total Gym Force Everything Your Body Needs

Total Gym Force offers flexibility, convenience and variety- pretty much everything your body needs with a lot of stretching and lengthening involved with its well over 60 exercises and you will be doing it all in a single machine. It is sent fully assembled unlike most fitness equipments out there and no setting up is required, is easy to use with instructions provided on the exercise booklet with pictures and the DVDs and once you’re done it can be easily stored away with its foldable design. It can carry a maximum user weight of 350 pounds, is light enough to be moved around but feels definitely stable when you’re on it and measures 16 x 92.5 x 43 inches unfolded and 16 x 50.5 x 8 inches folded. Total Gym Force is an all in one unit that lets you do your cardiovascular training, strength training, stretching and everything your body needs with over 60 exercises on a single machine without having to use plates, cords or any heavy weights and you can go from one exercises to the next easily. And you have all the workout DVDs and tools to do a great variety of exercises.

Total Gym Force All in One Machine

Total Gym Force includes the padded pillow for more comfort, 12 calibrated levels, auto lock height adjustment knob and flexible nylon strap handles and includes all the accessories you see on the photo for your at home workout: Best-selling ab crunch accessory, dip bars, squat stand, press up bars, leg pull accessory, wing attachments and large stability mat. You have the “Total Gym Exercise Flip Chart” as a total personal training system, “Total Body Workout DVD with Rosalie Brown” for your trouble zones on all over your body and “Intermediate Program DVD with Todd Durkin” for a bit more challenge to help you burn more calories and fat and build muscle, exercise manual and nutrition guide. Going through several customer reviews, as a great quality unit it feels very solid and sturdy, is very easy to set up as the stability mat is decent but could be a little longer for proper free movement as the whole unit hardly fits on the mat, it is a lot of fun to use- not boring with so much variety and with the way you do things, is not expensive at all for all that it offers for you to work on all your muscles without needing those very bulky fitness machines.

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