TRUNK Water Rower Classic Oak Rowing Machine Review

TRUNK Water Rower Classic Oak Rowing Machine

TRUNK Home Water Rower

TRUNK Water Rower is a foldable home gym cardio/aerobic gym equipment for your whole body that is made of classic oak with a red classic oak handle and comes with an LCD display. It is a very recent- October 2020 release water rowing machine and we can’t see many customer reviews yet.

You have three choices of foldable black oak, non-foldable oak or white oak with significant price differences that you can view at the time of this product review. It has a conveniently foldable brand new design with the transportation wheels to relocate it to a good spot of your choice. If you choose to leave it in your living room or home gym, as folded 180 degrees it will turn into a functional workout furniture. It has a large, highly transparent water tank that is made of polycarbonate and with a 22.24″ diameter.

With a rather ergonomic design, of a large and comfortable molded seat that glides smoothly, anti-slip red classic oak handle, one-piece foot board with the foot plates with the adjustable straps to accommodate all sizes of feet. It is the kind of design that would fit all men and women, younger and older. There is a large LCD-backlit monitor that shows the distance rowed, time exercised, strokes pre minute and 500m split time to be on track to achieving your fitness goals. It weighs 66 pounds, has a very solid and durable frame that can have a total user weight of 330 pounds and measures 84 x 22 x 20 inches. As folded vertically it takes up very little space, like as big as three A4 papers.

Trunk Water Rower is a vintage walnut rowing machine that is made of the great quality real oak timber. The feeling that you get while using this rower is quite different to the mechanical feel of the magnetic rowers. It is claimed and known to be a much more immersive experience, like rowing on a boat in a lake or river. You’re going to get a healthy whole body workout that gets 84% of your muscles involved without much of a burden on your joints. So it is not just about working on your back, but also your legs, arms- triceps and biceps, shoulders and core section. If you’re overweight and/or have joint TRUNK Water Rowing Machineissues this rower offers quite a good way to burn calories, lose weight and keep fit overall, physically and mentally.

While offering you a great fat burning solution and being easy on your joints and ankles, it runs quietly with only the relaxing sound of the water. With a self-regulated water resistance that imitates the natural rowing dynamics the experience feels quite realistic. The level of resistance is adjusted by having more or less water in the tank. It is shipped in two different packages of 47 pounds and 30 pounds. The paint used on this Trunk Rower is odorless and totally friendly to the environment. It is quite easy to assemble with the tools and instructions in the box and shouldn’t really take you more than an hour. In the box you’ll find the black oak rowing machine, a protective cover, a hand pump and the instructions manual. The warranty offered is one year factory warranty for the main frame and 180 days limited for parts and accessories.

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