V-FIRE Indoor Standing Desk Cycling Bike, STM001

V-FIRE Standing Desk Indoor Cycling Bike, STM001

V-FIRE Indoor Cycling Bike, Standing Desk

V-FIRE STMOO1 is the brand new release standing desk indoor exercise bike with the adjustable magnetic resistance for home and office use. You have the two color options of black (STMOO1BLK) or white (STMOO1W).

It offers a large desktop space to hold your tablet, laptop, papers, smartphone and cup when you’re getting your daily work done. The integrated smart LCD display gives you the current speed, calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled and rpm. You can watch your data and keep track of your daily exercise progress.

It has a compact, foldable and portable design with the 4 detachable transport wheels for you to relocate it easily within your house or office. You will not need to do any heavy lifting or put any strain on your muscles. With the 2 foldable pedals and 4 foldable stabilizers you can do your daily cardiovascular/ aerobic workout in the comfort of your home or office. You will not need to dedicate any extra time for working out at the gym.

V-FIRE STMOO1 Standing Desk Exercise Bike has a sturdy heavy-duty frame for a total user weight capacity of 265 pounds. It comes with the large padded PU leather seat for making you feel relaxed and comfy during your session. The seat cushion is adjustable to be adopted to the height and different people can ride it comfortably. V-Fire Bike is easy enough to assemble with all the tools you need and the instructions included in the package.

It weighs 507 pounds, measures 30L x 20W x 50H inches as unfolded and 30L x 7W x 26H inches as folded. It will not take up any extra space in your (living) room as it will also act like your desk. The desk height can be adjusted between 40 and 50 inches and the seat between 24 and 35 inches. Very quiet 4.4 lb. (2kg) heavy V-FIRE Standing Desk Indoor Bikeduty flywheel lets you enjoy different resistance levels for an easier or more intense workout depending on what you can handle. You can customize your workout for an easier or more challenging workout with the 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

It is always a good idea to change the level of intensity during your session to accelerate the calorie burning. The flywheel is also good for a smooth and quiet ride. You can work out at home or in the office without disturbing people in the house or your colleagues at work. You may be aware of the standing desks becoming more popular lately because of the health benefits and extra calorie burn by standing rather than sitting down. And you will be taking advantage of even more benefits and burning more calories by purchasing a standing desk exercise bike.

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