Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands, Pewter Review

Valor Fitness BD-2 Bench Press Stands

Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands, Pewter

Valor Fitness BD-2 is a set of two independent stands that are made of 2mm 12-gauge 2×2 inch high quality solid steel frame, designed specifically for bench press exercise- that can be used with both the incline or flat benches for power lifting and strength/resistance training. It was produced after quite a few questions to Valor Fitness on whether the different squat stand models by the company were suitable for bench press.

Pewter/black Valor Fitness BD-2 has quite a simple design, the whole thing weighs 55 pounds and has the dimensions of 28 D x 49.5 H x 14.75 W x 22.5 W inches. These two independent bench press stands are easy to store as they can be moved aside easily (with also the protective foot caps that cover frame ends so that the unit doesn’t damage your floor) or they can even be nested together to save on space as compared to a full bench press that can take a lot more space. These are not squat stands- not tall enough to be used for squats.

They are more compact to stay down low to the ground, includes 2 plate storage pegs- 7 inch long pegs at the back for Olympic or regular plates to also help ground the whole unit- offers stability especially when you’re lifting very heavy weights. Please note that you can use a 7 feet long standard or Olympic bar or a shorter bar as you can move the stands closer. It has the safety hooks or bar latches as you change the weights and make sure they are off before you start working out as you change the weights so the bar doesn’t flip up and it pops back on for balance in case of uneven weight load.

Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands

You can load more weight on it (maximum weight it can carry is 700 pounds) as all the weight is going downwards directly above the frame itself and not built with a V notch or an extension arm, it offers more stability and you have taller uprights (highest is 49.5 inch and lowest is 33.75 inches from top to floor). Safety catch bar height is adjustable with 11 options for the user with holes close together- enabling sensitive adjustment.

This is a great feature as you want the right height, meaning you don’t want it too high as this will affect your motion when the bar is going down and you don’t want it too low as it won’t catch if the bar comes across your chest (highest is 30 inch and lowest is 20 inch from top to floor with increments of 1 inch) and the adjustable bar catch has the 10 x 1.75 inch surface. You can do power lifts and actually squats as they are adjustable but with squats, the supporting arms can feel a little shaky when too high. The product comes with a one year popper pin and three year frame warranty.

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