Venom Suspension Trainer Home Gym Elite Pack Review

Venom Suspension Trainer Home Gym Elite Pack

Venom Suspension Trainer Home Gym Elite

Venom Suspension Trainer is a recent release solid build and great quality, all inclusive workout system for your home gym or outdoor use wherever you are as it is designed for both indoors and outdoors by people of all ages- young and old, at different levels- beginner and advanced professional athlete to enhance their flexibility, to tighten their abdominals, tone their muscles and make them stronger. It is ideal for people without much space in their living areas- or those that work or travel a lot and often don’t have time for getting to gym regularly. The all inclusive suspension training system is small and compact and includes robust suspension training bands- reinforced straps and door anchor as well as a mesh bag to put the stuff in for easy storage or for when you’re out and about- portability, a microfiber workout towel and a BPA-free glass bottle and a safety training manual. Venom Suspension Trainer is a really great tool to use for exercising as it focuses on balance and will make you use your core a lot, will contract your muscles nicely and you can work on your upper body, abs and lower body very efficiently- effective, convenient and flexible workout. You will be using your body weight and your core for a very effective full body workout, also for prehabilitation and rehabilitation.

Venom Suspension Trainer Home Gym Elite Pack

Easily adjustable straps are solid and reinforced as made of great fabric composition for support and durability and offer great flexibility as you can customise your workout the way you want to your needs. Rubber handle grips have an anti-slip design as they are ribbed and draw off moisture and sweat before it penetrates in. It has a solid carabiner with lock and key so it ensures your safety throughout your exercise session. Door anchor provided is quite solid as well with a secured frame and will let you attach the bands conveniently to any door in your house or office. At the beginning, suspension trainers were quite popular by personal trainers and US military types as they worked the core area much better than regular ab exercises, then we started seeing them at gyms and they’ve been available for general public for a while now. The simple design and appearance can be misleading as you will be able to do very tough and challenging workout with great results using your body weight and a couple of straps as long as you know what you’re doing. You will be able to do different variations of basic exercises you’re familiar with and other specific suspension exercises, improve your flexibility and strength, do more resistance or cardiovascular training. It is a lot of fun to use and great if you want to try out something new and better if you are already a little fit to start with but you will get harder abs and better posture after 3-4 weeks of regular use- you do need to know the basics of exercise, though.

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