Vertical Spin Trainer Bike- Elliptical and Stepper Review

Vertical Spin Trainer Spinning Bike

Vertical Spin Trainer Bike

Vertical Spin Trainer is a brand new design 2-in-1 stationary spin bike of a stepper and an elliptical for a great low impact aerobic and cardiovascular workout that promises you to burn more calories in less time without any strain on your joints and is more intense than a regular exercise bike with a saddle.

It is quite easy to adjust with different levels of resistance to arrange for the level of challenge you want. It works with a unique design of “3 Degrees of Activation”: Level 1 for cardiovascular fat burning and calorie loss in the standing cycling position, Level 2 for abdominal and core workout, Level 3 for leg muscles- thighs, glutes, hips, and buns- it goes from slightly upright to almost horizontal.

Different studies prove that you will burn more calories while standing than sitting and you will definitely burn more when you’re cycling or spinning in a standing position and this equals to less workout time, and your body will learn to stay in balance while standing. Vertical Spin Trainer has a convenient folding design that turns it into a vertical vacuum cleaner that makes the unit easy to store. Even just a stepper or an elliptical on their own can be quite heavy but the VST isn’t and includes transport wheels (and foldable design) that allow it to be moved around easily.

It includes a small digital LCD monitor in the middle with the regular indicators like calories, distance, time, speed and even the heart rate via the pulse sensors near the upper corner of the padded handle. We mentioned the 3 degrees of activation and 8 resistance levels, the combination of the two will actually give you 24 workout settings and you will really feel the burn. It runs very quietly and smoothly thanks to the efficient flywheel so you will not be distracted during your workout and people in your house or your downstairs neighbors will not be disturbed.

Vertical Spin Trainer Bike 3 degrees of activation

VST is easy to put together and during and after the assembly you will realize this is a well-made product with a sturdy construction with a great user weight capacity of 300 pounds, that also has a modern design- is easy on the eyes. You will start feeling the burn even at the lowest resistance and angle settings and you can take it from there gradually, build on your progress.

And you will also be less likely to get bored with the VST as it is more fun to use by nature and as you can change your program as you progress. People of all heights- very short and very tall- up to 6,6” can use it comfortably as long as they don’t weigh more than 300 pounds. A smartphone holder is mentioned on the product page and you can use your phone screen to view the weekly workout videos on YouTube and you will get three workout DVDs with your purchase and many videos on YouTube. Vertical Spin Trainer is offered with a year of warranty that covers all its parts and a dedicated customer support team that can be reached by email and phone.

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