Vibrofit Vibration Platform Review

Vibrofit Vibration Plate by Vibro Fit

Vibrofit Vibration Platform

Vibrofit is a high end sturdy and compact vibration platform with quite a powerful 3600rpm spindle speed motor, that is designed for therapy and fitness, allowing you to relax with a whole body massage, help you with losing weight or toning muscle by doing a variety of exercises in different positions. So the main purpose of using the Vibrofit is physical fitness as specified by the manufacturer and by just dedicating ten minutes per day most people will get the daily training they need with its three directional oscillating motion in four exercise programs and a total of 99 speeds which is more than most vibration platforms. And this will give you the opportunity at different intensity levels from very low to very high as the 3600rpm motor offers you 60 vibrations per second (normal rate is between 20 and 50 times per second). It looks nice in yellow and grey and comes with useful extras like the upper body resistance bands to work out your shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest and other parts of your upper body efficiently, a built-in Bluetooth audio system and a remote control. You will also get a useful workout program chart that includes a nutrition manual as well.

Vibrofit Vibration Plate

Unlike the resistance bands we saw on other models, the ones on Vibrofit actually do work as they feel solid as well and the remote control is good for starting and stopping as well as changing the level of vibration without having to go all the way down to the LED touch control panel on the vibration platform to check your workout length and the speed, which is more like the intensity of vibrations.  It works both in the form of aerobic and anaerobic activity in only 10 minutes a day: Aerobic like the benefits you would get from walking or jogging and because of all the muscle contraction of different muscles throughout your body at different intensity or vibration levels with the oscillating movement. It is promised to burn calories and fat by using the four simple positions recommended plus an exercise to specifically to burn off calories and fat (your workout will be enhanced with the vibrations while you are standing on it). Do vibration platforms really work is the main question you need to work that out for yourself. But we have started seeing them in our local gyms lately and many people claim that they benefited from them and how their workout times are reduced now and there are some European university studies that show that they work and people tend to lose more weight or fat using these platforms, of course if they follow the correct diet.

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