Vidar Roman Chair Back HyperExtension Bench Review

Vidar Roman Chair Back HyperExtension Bench

Vidar Roman Chair Hyperextension Bench

Vidar Roman Chair Back HyperExtension Bench is a compact, adjustable and efficient back workout equipment for home or indoor use, but not so much for the commercial gyms. Your color options are black and white with the same price tag at the time of this short review. And you may want to check out the product page for current availability and prices. 

April 28, 2022 is the date this great extension bench first became available and is currently ranked the 7th best selling Roman chair on Amazon. Vidar Hyperextension Roman Chair lets you stretch, strengthen and tone your core section, legs, hips and back muscles. It will help protect the lumbar spine, improve your core stability and body posture. You can do your preacher curls and side bends for your back exercises, but please always warm up prior to working out on this hyperextension bench. 

The hyperextension bench measures 45L x 27W x 35H inches and has a 300 pounds of total weight capacity in theory. It is adjustable for height between 26.7 and 37 inches and you can choose the height depending on your needs. And according to the manufacturer the total maximum weight capacity is 135 kg on its robust and stable triangular load-bearing steel frame and solid structure that comes with a foot pedal, pad and two foam leg holders. And you can feel comfortable and safe during your training sessions.

Vidar Roman Chair Back Extension Bench

It comes with the anti-slip foot pedal, portable spring latch and a comfortable hook leg foam. The foot pedal offers foot support for your side and front exercises. And you will achieve core section stability with the professional lumbar support pad. Please note that this is a basic back extension equipment that is more suitable for people that are not very tall or very heavy and we do not recommend it to users over 220-230 pounds of weight. 

Vidar Hyperextension Roman Chair is shipped in a single package via that weighs 12.61kg and measures 29L x 21W x 7H inches. It is easy to assemble and easy to move around with its compact size and lightweight. It is shipped unassembled and quite easy to put the pieces together as you tighten the locking screws after you assemble all the other parts. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and the customer support team can be contacted if you need a solution. You can message them via your order page and they should get back to you quickly.

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