Vive Shake Plate Vibration Platform Fat Shaker with Resistance Bands Review

Vive Shake Plate Vibration Platform Fat Shaker

Vive Shake Vibration Plate

The hot new release, best seller black Vive Shake Vibration Platform is also known as a Vibration Plate or a Fat Shaker Power Equipment for your whole body. As a number one new release vibration platform it has a high rating at, but there aren’t many reviews out yet.

Vive Shake Vibration Plate offers pulsating weight loss training by stretching and contracting muscles effectively at a high rate or speed. The speed is adjustable to 180 different levels and you would probably want to start at lower levels, then move up gradually. It is designed to enhance your balance, flexibility and core strength, to hfelp you burn calories and fat, lose weight and even strengthen and tone muscles.

It comes with the two exercise resistance bands. And you may use it for your seated, standing or floor exercises as shown in the product photos. You can integrate it into your regular resistance or cardiovascular training routine to help maximize the activation on your different muscles. This vibration platform measures 20 x 12 x 4 inches and will be perfectly fine for people with most shoe sizes. The anti-slip textured surface will ensure you feel more traction, up and down.

There are 4 non-marking feet underneath and you can feel safer and more stable during your vibration sessions. The sturdy platform can carry a total maximum user weight of 400 pounds, which means the great majority of adults. There is a small LCD-backlit display panel with the 5 preset sessions of ten minutes each. And you can set one of these sessions at 180 different Vive Shake Vibration Platformspeeds available for you. You can actually use the remote control provided to increase or decrease your speed. In the package you will get the vibration platform, two resistance bands, remote control, power cord and the user manual.

The detachable resistance bands get attached to the base of the vibration plate. And you can work on your upper body muscles as well as improving your stability. The grip on the the soft foam handles of the resistance bands feel safe and comfortable. The Vive Shake Plate is offered with one year of warranty by the manufacturer. And please call or email their customer support team for any issues or questions you may have. You should have the contact details on the user manual or please contact the seller directly via if you need any assistance. Overall it seems to be very good value for the dollar at the current price offered at

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