VIVOHOME Multi-Function Power Tower, Pull-Up & Dip Station Review

VIVOHOME Multi-Function Power Tower, Pull-Up & Dip Station

VIVOHOME Height Adjustable Multi-Function Power Tower Dip Station

VIVOHOME Multi-Function Power Tower is a solid and modern, height adjustable home strength training equipment with a backrest and 330lbs user weight capacity, that works as a dip station and pull up bar stand. It is a popular power tower that was first available at on July 13, 2021.

You have the two color options of black and white with the same price tag on the day of this review. Please refer to the Amazon product page for the current prices. The materials used are faux leather, foam padding and 1.2mm thickened steel. It measures 30L x 35.4W x 91H inches and adjustable for height between 61 and 91 inches with the 11-gear height adjustment. It has an anti-tipping robust base with the splayed chassis design for the enhanced security and stability. The large anti-slip foot pads help distribute the force evenly and increase the stability.

This multifunctional 6-in-1 power tower offers different functions on its pull up and dip station with the extra accessories like drawstrings and cantilever rings. And you can do your push ups, pull ups, crunches, twist waist, leg and knee raises and work on chest with rings. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings, including home, living room, bedroom, office, gym etc. By having this equipment at home, you and other members of your family can work out every day, strengthen and tone muscles, burn calories and fat and lose weight, relieve any pains on your back, leg, shoulder or neck by stretching and feel healthier overall, both physically and mentally.

It has a humanised, ergonomic design with the backrest and thick elbow pads to help protect your spine and elbow. They are non-slip and will help you avoid any potential injuries. It is good for use by younger and older people thanks to the adjustable heights of 11 levels between 61 and 91 inches with the adjustment knob on each side. The foam bar and the 4 rubber grips will also make you feel more comfortable during your workout session. The width between the arm pads is not adjustableVIVOHOME Height Adjustable Multi-Function Power Tower but fixed at 23 inches between bars and 19 inches between pads. It is best used on a hard, even surface rather than a carpet.

VivoHome Power Tower has a compact size with a vertical design to occupy just the space of one floor tile. It has a triangular structure in the center and the wider main bracket made of premium material make this power tower sturdy and durable over time. And it has a maximum load bearing capacity of 330 pounds which should cover the majority of adults. In the package you’ll find the power tower- pull up and dip station, two resistance bands and two cantilever rings. You’ll also get the detailed instructions and tools in the package and the assembly is quite easy. It is convenient to have at home as it allows you to work out whenever you want. It is currently ranked the 11th best selling home gym system and the average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars by 317 customers at the moment.

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