Vobor Dual-use Wall Mounted Hanging Bar, Chin up Bar Review

Vobor Dual-use Wall Mounted Hanging Bar, Chin up BarĀ 

Vobor Chin up Bar - Dual-use Fitness Hanging Bar

Vobor Chin up Bar is a heavy duty, sturdy, wall mounted, dual use 2-in-1 hanging bar set for resistance training. It is made of very good quality solid steel and offers a very robust and strong structure to make you feel safe and stable and have a peace of mind.

It is a gym quality, commercial grade hanging bar for use in the comfort of your own home- in your home gym for doing a variety of exercises to work on your anterior abdominals, chest, triceps, biceps, lats, shoulders, arms etc. These include push ups, pull ups, chin pull ups, leg lifts and boxing. It is good as a unisex equipment that is suitable for men and women to do professional exercises.

The total maximum user weight this solid chin up hanging bar can support is 250 pounds. This total max capacity will also depend on the wall strength, but still more than enough to hold most people’s weight. You can basically set it up on any wall in any part of your house. The clear assembly instructions and simple tools are included in the package and you can install it easily on your own or better with the help of a second person.

Black and orange Vobor Chin Up Bar weighs 24.8 pounds and measures 29.3 x 18.7 x 4.3 inches. It has a 36.4-inch wide pull up bar and a sides pad that measures 23.2 x 28.3 inches. You can set it up in any part of your house, bedroom, garage or basement. Please note that this is a wall mounted pull up chin up bar, that is nothing like the door frame type pull up bars that are more limited and feel less sturdy. This Vobor Chin up Bar - Wall mounted Dual-use Hanging Barone isn’t as limiting and gives you options and proper full-range of motion. It is sturdy enough for hanging your punch bag and do boxing on it.

The dual use, 2-in-1 hanging bar offered by Vobor is a solid piece of home resistance training equipment that is also easy on the eyes. It does have that premium look and feel and a thick structure that makes you feel safe and have a peace of mind. With the different grip options you can hit your muscles from different angles. The frame has a powder coating that makes it look nice enough to be a great addition to your home or garage gym. You’ll have to drill holes on the wall and you’ll get the wall fixings included in the box. Overall it offers decent value for money if you prefer working out at home and don’t want to spend the time and effort to get to gym several times a week.

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