Wakeman Portable Under Desk Pedal Stationary Bike Review

Wakeman Portable Under Desk Pedal Bike

Wakeman Portable Fitness Pedal Stationary Under Desk

Wakeman Under Desk Exercise Bike is a stationary, compact and portable fitness unit for indoor use or wherever you want for sedentary activities- to pedal and work on your legs and arms. You can purchase it as a 2-pack, 3-pack or 5-pack via the Amazon page.

It can be used for physical therapy, calorie burning, weight loss and light resistance training purposes with the low and high impact options. It has a small advanced electronic LCD display panel that is easy to read with the calorie counter and the other usual indicators of distance traveled, time exercised, count and total count to help you keep motivated. There is also the Scan function that makes the screen alternate between each indicator automatically, without needing to press any buttons.

Wakeman Under Desk Bike is very easy to operate, but some assembly is needed when you take it out of its box, which is not difficult to do with the instructions and simple tools included in the package. The shipping is usually very quick via Amazon.com. You just put the stationary bike on the floor in front of your chair or couch or under your work desk and start pedaling, burning calories and fat, tightening your leg muscles while doing your daily work or watching movies or shows. Alternatively you can put it on the desk or table and pedal with your arms to strengthen and tone them and stimulate blood circulation.

You can adjust the resistance through the tension dial market + to -, start out slowly and move up as you go along. The tension is adequately strong on this one at higher levels. The low settings via the resistance dial are generally good for physical rehabilitation and the higher settings are for strengthening and wakeman portable under desk biketoning muscles. Wakeman Under Desk Bike measures 16.5L x 14W x 13H inches- is compact in size and lightweight.

The angle is good when you’re sitting down, and doesn’t have to be straight up and down to pedal like the other cheaper thin metal version by the same brand. You need a AAA battery for the LCD display but is not included in the package. It appears to be a great value product for the price level just like Wakeman’s entire product line that goes through a rigorous quality control process. It works well once you put the pieces together, sits evenly on the floor, feels stable overall and not flimsy or wobbly. It is a good value for money under desk bike that you should have minimal issues with.

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