Wassers Home Gym Wall Mount Organizer with Shelves Review

Wassers Home Gym Wall Mount Organizer 

Wassers Home Gym Wall Mount Organizer

Wassers Wall Mount Organizer is designed for home gym use for organising your items nicely on its decorative wall rack shelves. You can put your towel, elastic bands, gym or bike shoes, hats, scarves, yoga mat and more.

White Wassers Wall Mount Organizer is a multi-functional piece of furniture with the 6 hooks hanger for your different items. It is a versatile unit that is good for NordicTrack, Peloton and Echelon. It is built quite robust and durable being made of good quality wood material and can hold up to 50kg or 125lb. of weight. It is made of very dense, high quality, hand made wood board that is scratch, sweat or bumper proof.

The stainless steel hangers have the anti-slip protective rubber cover with the stealth black coating. It will save you on some space and keep your room nice, clean and tidy. It comes with a 2 x exercise bands hook, 2 x bike shoes hook, a yoga mat hook and two shelves for your towels and smaller items, like a flower pot, crafts, artwork, protein powder jar and more on the shelves. You can hang your coats, scarves, hats, rings and more on the hanger.

Simple installation instructions are found on the product page and you’ll get a piece of paper with your purchase. You can see the packing list on the product photos. It is quite easy to set up and you can easily hang it on most of the wall surfaces with the screws. Having said that the rack itself is not really lightweight and will obviously get heavier with the stuff you put or hang on it. So it may be a good idea toWassers Home Gym Wall Mount Organizer Rack Shelves screw the unit into a wall stud. You won’t need to worry about it falling off or face any risk of vibrations.

You’ll get it shipped to your address quickly via Amazon.com and you may see the contents of the package in the product photos. This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for all customers and you may contact the customer service team if you have any problems or queries. The date it was first available at Amazon.com is May 19, 2021 and there is currently a single 5-star rating by a happy customer. It is a good quality, sturdy and durable product that will offer you a long service life and that looks just like in the photos and seems to be decent value for the dollar. And it is quite practical and convenient to own.

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