WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor Review

WaterRower Club S4 Rowing Machine in Ash Wood  

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood

WaterRower Club S4 is a commercial quality handcrafted ash wood rowing machine, rower with the S4 monitor and water flywheel that offers the actual rowing experience on a lake or a river. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 339 mainly happy users.

There is an LCD display at the front with the indicators of stroke rate (strokes per min), workout intensity (in m/s), time (duration), distance in meters, pulse rate and more. With the large water flywheel at the front it is designed for emulating the actual rowing experience with the dynamics of a boat moving through water, with the relaxing sound of water and the resistance provided by this water flywheel. This flywheel is found in the enclosed water tank for a self-regulated resistance and intensity, that gives you more resistance as you pull more and an overall smooth and quiet operation.

WaterRower Club S4 weighs 117 pounds with an impressive maximum total user weight of up to 1000 pounds and with the dimensions of 84W x 21H x 22D inches. The seat measures 12.5L x 8.5W, is 2″ thick and 12 inches off the ground. And you can easily lift it up, move it on its two front transportation wheels and store it in a vertical position in a convenient corner. This is a special rowing machine handcrafter from solid ash wood with the black & rose stain and Danish oil. The solid ash frame of this rowing machine is great in absorbing the vibrations and sound, helping it work quietly without disturbing you or people around you.

It offers almost the same physical and physiological benefit of real rowing. With the consistently smooth operation and movements of this rower that increases your heart rate and help you burn calories without putting a burden on your joints. It is claimed to work 84% of your muscles, burning heaps of calories than other cardio machines, toning and strengthening your body. Your body weight is detached from your hips, knees and ankles as part of a low-impact workout and your joints and limbs are still moved in a whole body full range motion, extended to contracted, giving you a decent whole body workout.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4

It is designed for use in high traffic areas like the commercial gym settings, studios and rehab clinics as well as homes. There are two paddles in the enclosed water tank similar to the paddles on a rower in the lake. No lubrication or maintenance is needed, not even on the pulleys or recoil belt and as there aren’t any moving parts on this commercial grade rowing machine. You don’t have the built-in heart rate sensors on the handlebar etc. but works with a chest strap and receiver for an accurate heart rate reading.

You’ll get the water rower in two boxes, a 60 lb. box and a 25lb. box and the specified 117lb. total weight is achieved once you put water in the tank. And when you want to store it in an upright position you don’t need to empty the water tank and it will stand up easily once you flip the rower up. You can use it directly on a wooden floor but it is better if you put a mat underneath if you don’t want your floor scuffed over time. You’ll find 4 x AA batteries needed for the LCD monitor included in the package. WaterRower Club S4 comes with a year of warranty for the components and the frame and it will be 3 years for the components and 5 years for the frame if you fill out a registration form. Please note that you will not be offered any support if you take the rower outside the country that you purchased it in.

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