WaterRower GRONK M1- Hi Rise- Limited Edition Review

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WaterRower GRONK M1 Hi Rise (Limited Edition) is a pro level specially handcrafted rowing equipment for both home and gym/commercial use with an actual patented “water flywheel” that imitates the real rowing through water very precisely- it feels just like the real thing with the water density 800 times better than air. And it is a very smooth and quiet rowing experience with the only sound you hear being the relaxing and soothing sound of water with very little intrusion. You can do your daily strength and cardio training on this high end rower to burn off calories (more than 1000 calories per hour) and fat, increase your heart rate, work on your back, arms, legs and your whole body (lower, trunk and upper muscles)- 84 percent of all muscle mass (more than any other form of exercise) and the good news for those with certain knee or joint problems is you will not be putting any major pressure on your joints as this is a low impact workout. And many experts agree that we all need to do more of hip hinge, leg extension and shoulder opening type exercises.

WaterRower GRONK M1 - Hi Rise Limited

WaterRower Gronk M1 is not lightweight and weighs 200 pounds as a commercial grade unit and can carry a very impressive maximum user weight of more than 700 pounds, has the dimensions of 84 x 30 x 22 inches and max height for the user is 38 inches. Just like the other WaterRower products, as an expensive rower the Gronk M1 is made to last you a long time even if used in very tough conditions and comes with a Series 4 Performance Monitor to let you keep an eye on your progress to help you reach your targets faster, just like the original WaterRower M1 but this one is black in colour. Water flywheel means the flywheel is placed in a safely covered water tank and the resistance is self-regulating and endlessly variable for your needs and has a very tall seat so getting on and off it is easier, especially for those with mobility issues or joint concerns. WaterRower with almost three decades of history (28 years since 1988) is one of the best brands in the rowing machine industry and has been offering great quality top of the class products with beautiful design, premium materials and components with coated tubular steel construction (very solid aluminium-constructed frame), that are all designed and handmade in their Rhode Island factory in New England region of USA and all products come with industry leading warranties.

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