WATMAID Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Barbell Set to 44Lbs with Connecting Rod Review

WATMAID Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Barbell Set  

WATMAID Weight Dumbbells Set

WATMAID Weight Dumbbells Set comes with a total adjustable weight of up to 44 pounds. It is a multi-functional strength training equipment that also turns into a barbell set with the connecting rod for use by both men and women at different levels.

It appeared only very recently at Amazon.com and has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by two users. The connecting rod with foam turns this dumbbell to a barbell in two different configurations of ‘lightweight’ and ‘heavy duty’. You have a total of 44 pounds from 12.8 pounds and can customize the weights to meet your different needs.

With the way you can adjust and change weights on this dumbbell barbell set, you can stimulate your muscles and increase your muscle mass better. You will be meeting the needs of your lower body and upper body training, and can tone and strengthen your shoulders, back, arms- triceps and biceps. You can also train your leg muscles including glutes and quads and buttocks.

As compared to the round shape on some of the models, the dumbbells in this set have 8 sides for safety and stability and they will not roll easily on the floor. The dumbbell handle has the anti-slip rubber coating to avoid slipping off your hands when you’re lifting the weights. And you have a firm grip on the knurled chrome connecting rod. It is suitable for users at different fitness levels. This great multi-functional set gives you the freedom to work out whenever and wherever you want- at home, in the office or elsewhere.

The foam on the connecting rod helps reduce the pressure on your neck when you’re doing squats and will help relieve fatigue. The comfortable PVC grip will help stop the potential slipping and protect your hands during your workout session. The dumbbell plates with 8 sides (octagonal shape) are covered with plastic and this will help with the stability and will WATMAID Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Set 44lb.prevent any damage to your floors.  Please note that polyethylene, cement mixture and EVA resin are used in the weight plates.

The weights included in this Watmaid Weights Dumbbells Set are 4 x 1.25kg (11 pounds), 4 x 1.5kg (13.2 pounds) or 4 x 2kg (17.6 pounds) plus the weight of the dumbbell handles (0.6 lbs each) and connector rod (0.8 lbs). It lets you switch between one exercise to another easily and you have a variety of exercises you can do in the dumbbell and barbell formats. It is quite sturdy, durable, functional, practical and affordable for what you’re getting and seems to be good value for the dollar. We are happy to recommend it at its relatively low price point.

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