WEELOLOE Belt Driven Indoor Stationary Bike Review

WEELOLOE Belt Driven Indoor Stationary Bike

WEELOLOE Indoor Cycling Bike

WEELOLOE Indoor Cycling Bike is a budget priced cardiovascular fitness equipment with a heavy duty steel frame, a belt drive, a large flywheel and a smart LCD display panel with a convenient phone/tablet holder below.

The AV-type heavy duty frame with a thicker tube can carry a maximum total user weight of 270 pounds (roughly 122.5kg). And you can feel safe and stable on it as long as you don’t weigh more than the specified limit. The simple LCD display that works on batteries shows the standard fitness indicators of time exercised, calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, scan that shows the stats one by one and ODOmeter (distance since the first use).

With its heavy flywheel and belt drive it rides smoothly and quietly, more than a bike with a chain drive and feels stable overall. You will not be disturbing the people in the house like your sleeping kids or your neighbors next door or downstairs. You will get to burn calories and fat and strengthen your legs efficiently with its heavy flywheel. You can put your phone or tablet on the free stand and listen to your favorite songs or watch YouTube videos when you’re riding the bike. No maintenance is required for this modern bike and you probably just want to keep it clean.

You can adjust the resistance level through the red tension knob in the middle (micro adjustable mechanical resistance) for a very smooth ride. You can press the tension knob to stop the flywheel and the bike immediately in case of an emergency where you can’t stop by normal means etc. It has a three-piece crank design and the silent belt drive shaft is safe and WEELOLOE Indoor Bikeresistant to wear and tear. There is a single green button on the display panel and you can long press this button to reset the indicators.

This is a budget priced indoor bike and there are no pulse rate sensors on the handles and no heart rate reading on the display panel. It has a pro style padded saddle that can be adjusted four ways- up and down, forward and back and the handlebar up and down for your comfort and accommodating users of different heights and size. The pro toe caged pedals have the adjustable foot straps and anti-slip texture for you to feel safe during the ride. Overall, at the low price level even during the epidemic, it seems to be quite a good value bike.

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