Weider Pro 265 Bench Press Review

Weider Pro 265 Bench Press via Amazon

Weider Pro 265 Bench Press

Weider Pro 265 is a solid and adjustable weight bench press with an 80 pound weight set- plates included and as a versatile bench press unit it is designed to help you have a nice chest workout at flat and incline positions, do preacher curls and work your legs with the leg curl and extension mechanism. It is a solid and durable unit made of stainless steel and bench is nicely padded for your comfort- sewn sturdy vinyl pad around to make it more durable and that also looks shiny and polished. Red and black Weider Pro 265 weighs 130 pounds and measures 49.6 x 16.9 x 9.4 inches, feels quite sturdy and safe when you’re on it as the overall build quality is decent. 80 lbs weight set offers a good starting point for all your chest workout and you can certainly purchase and add more when you need more. It would make a nice addition to your home gym or to have on its own to be able to exercise in the comfort of your home, as a great tool for a nice resistance workout to help you build strength, tone and build muscles and improve your overall health. It can be used in two positions of incline and flat, you can use it to do all your chest workout, do preacher curl on the preacher pad provided at the front with also handy height adjustment, and your legs with the leg extension and curl part at the front.

Weider Pro 265 Fitness Bench Press

Weider Pro 265 is not an advanced commercial setting type of bench that can be used by several people a day but a good solid gym for use everyday in a home gym setting, so it is more for beginner or intermediate weight lifting and will support a fairly heavy adult lifting moderate to heavy weights comfortably but is not for an advanced weight lifter. The height of the front section for your leg exercises is just right and when you do your leg extensions or curls it will feel very comfortable. If you are short you may find that your feet may not touch the floor properly. It has a wide and comfortable enough seat and the back part is also wide and padded enough to support your back when you’re working out and definitely not narrow like some units that give you that feeling you might lose your balance. The space between the vertical bars that carry the weight is not very wide and you may have to change the position of your hands when you’re lifting the bar and putting it back but it shouldn’t be a major drama, as this is a reasonably priced good quality home unit. For how much it costs this is a great value versatile bench with free 80 pounds of weights that are ready to be used, preacher curl and leg curl/extension parts, solid build quality for a fairly low cost home gym unit, especially for those that find it hard to get to gym with their busy schedules. It includes a 90 day warranty for parts and labor by the manufacturer.

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