Weider Ultimate Body Works, WEBE15911 Review

Weider Ultimate Body Works

weider body work

Weider Ultimate Body Works (WEBE15911) has a modern innovative design as a sturdy home workout bench that expands and collapses for letting the user perform many different exercises with an extra 50-pound of resistance and accommodating shorter and taller adults.

It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by 1942 customers at the time of this product review and is great overall for the price level. Please note that Weider is the only manufacturer for this fitness equipment and Amazon.com the only authorised seller. So please make sure you do not purchase it from other sellers if you want to get authenticity and quality guarantee by Weider.

It has a telescoping design and nice padding with the foam cushion material and can carry a maximum total user weight of 250 pounds. The incline on this unit is adjustable to 8 levels and you can select from 4 resistance bands for different levels of challenge. Your workout is totally customisable with these incline and resistance levels and you have control over your resistance training sessions. It is fairly compact and has a convenient space saving design, measuring 59L x 27.5W x 48L inches.

You don’t have to keep it out in the open all the time, when you’re not using it and you can just put it away in your closet or under your bed with its conveniently space saving design. You can do seated chest press to work on your chest and shoulders, strengthen and tone them by bench pressing your body weight with the high pulley on the Body Works. And you will add more difficulty by the extra resistance bands. You can do the regular squats to work on your glutes and quads with the different benefits of the wide and close stance.

You can build your abdominals or core section by pulling your upper and lower body to each other. And you have the high pulley to help do your arms at the same time. You can strengthen your lats and abdominals and develop your lats by using the high pulley with the lateral pull down exercise. The incline can be adjusted to whatever you prefer with the pulleys on the left and right sides to adjust the resistance level. It has the convenient features like the high pulley, sit up/high handle, rolling seat, SuperPack extra resistance and telescoping design.

Some people want the comparison between a Total Gym and this low cost model and the cheapest Total Gym costs much more than this and both have advantages and disadvantages. Whichever equipment you purchase it all comes down to you doing weider ultimate body worksthe work, using them regularly and eating well to get better results. This one doesn’t come with the attachments like a dip bar, leg pully or ab crunch but has the resistance bands.

You can do leg presses on this one but the maximum weight will be around your own body weight. And you’ll achieve that by adding the resistance bands at the bottom and incline the unit to the maximum. Weider Ultimate Body Works is very similar to the Weider 5000 model, but is heavier and more robust while feeling stiffer and costing less than the 5000. You’re definitely better off getting the Ultimate, which is the newer model that offers more value for money. It comes with a warranty of 90 days for parts and labor.

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