WEKEEP OVICX Q2S Folding Portable Treadmill Review

WEKEEP OVICX Q2S Folding Portable Treadmill  

WEKEEP OVICX Q2S Folding Portable Treadmill

WEKEEP OVICX Q2S is a brand new release, compact, foldable and portable, ultrawide electric treadmill for walking, jogging or running in the comfort of your home. It comes with a smart LCD display, Bluetooth functionality and a device- tablet/smartphone holder.

It has appeared at Amazon.com very recently and there is only a single 5-star customer rating at the moment. With its compact and foldable design it is suitable for small spaces or wherever you want to use it. You have an adequate workout area on the exercise belt that measures 24.01W x 49.21L inches. It comes with the new SSAT- Silkworm Slow Rebound Shock Absorption Technology to help prevent any joint or knee injuries. It also stops the noise significantly and along with a silent motor you’ll not be disturbing people in the house or your neighbors.

If you ever feel tired or simply do not want to stop immediately you can just touch the ‘Fatigue Slowdown Button’ as part of the intelligent speed reduction function. Your first touch will reduce the speed down to the walking speed of 2.4 miles per hour and your second touch will get you back to the initial speed. You can track your workout data by looking at the LED-backlit display in front of you or downloading the Fitshow application and viewing the same stats and also sharing them with your mates. It includes the heart rate detection via the sensors at the front.

You can fold it down very easily and push or pull it on its transport wheels to store it vertically on a wall or horizontally under your bed or wherever you see fit. The treadmill weighs 94.80 pounds, measures 64.96D x 44.88H x 25.99W inches as assembled, 64.96D x 8.27H x 25.99W inches as folded and will need less than 5.39 sq. feet of space. The rated power is 1.25CHP and the peak power is 3.0CHP with a standard WEKEEP OVICX Q2S Foldable Treadmill110V of voltage. You can walk, jog or run at speeds between 0.6 and 8.7 miles per hour, burn calories and fat, lose weight and tone leg muscles over regular use. The maximum total user weight capacity is 220.46 pounds.

Please note that the angle on this treadmill is fixed and can not be adjusted. It is shipped totally assembled, as a whole and you do not need to do anything for assembly. You can pretty much start using it straight after unpacking the box. It comes with a year of warranty for the whole equipment and anything that happens because of your rough treatment is not covered by this warranty. If you have any questions before or after buying this product you can contact the seller or customer service. It is shipped swiftly from their US warehouse in California within two days which may take up to 4 days due to Covid 19. We are certain that you will be satisfied and more than happy to recommend this great value treadmill.

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