Westside Scout Barbell Reverse Hyper Machine Review

Westside Scout Barbell Reverse Hyper Machine

Westside Scout Barbell Reverse Hyper

Westside Scout is a “Made in USA” very solid and sturdy, versatile, portable and foldable barbell reverse hyper machine for giving a decent traction on your lower back. It is designed by Louie Simmons and promoted as the number one back rehab machine out on the market at the moment. It is suitable for use at residential, office or the light clinical settings.

You can’t really use something else as a substitute for a reverse hyper machine such as the Westside Scout. So you can’t really use a table, or bars at the gym to imitate what this one has to offer for your lower back.It will smoothly and gently stretch your lower back and bring blood and fluid into it. It is designed to improve the strength of your back and core. It can be used by people of different ages- young and old.

With a very simple yet effective method, it tractions the vertebrae nicely, relieves the stress and pressure off your spine and helps alleviate the pain on your lower back. To start using it, you need to just jump on it and grab the bars. It is important that you control the weight, while your spine and legs are moving while everything else is staying neutral or fixed. The arching needs to come from mid back to lower back. There is no reason to move your neck or head much at all.

Westside Scout Barbell Reverse Hyper Extension

This is not really a lightweight machine but a large and heavy one, but you can fold easily with its patented groove folding and fast detach system. It folds up on the little handles on each side. And you can carry it easily as it feels solid as folded, and basically relocate and store it anywhere you want. If you sit in front of the computer in the office all day long or at your desk at school, you will get a lot of pressure on your lumbar spine.

It is recommended that you do 15 reps of three to five sets on this reverse hyper machine every day, to release the pain on your lower back. You can’t really use bumper plates on it but the standard cast plates that weigh 25 pounds for you to get the optimal results. As a sturdy, bulky, large and heavy-duty product, it has a total weight (user and the weights) capacity of 700 pounds. It weighs 85 pounds and is very well built and larger and heavier than it looks in the photos. You can use the Reverse Hyper Strap on this machine, although it is not directly designed for it.

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