Wonder Maxi WSP6908H Indoor Belt Drive Stationary Bike Review

Wonder Maxi WSP6908H Belt Drive Stationary Bike 

Wonder Maxi WSP6908H Indoor Exercise Bike Safe Comfortable

The gray and yellow Wonder Maxi WSP6908H is a modern indoor stationary exercise bike with a belt drive and a large and solid 35-pound chrome flywheel for a great cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home. It can also serve as a warm-up equipment before your weights or strength training session.

It has the adjustable resistance for varying levels of challenge for your different needs on different days or for people at different ages and fitness levels. The convenient senior LCD display panel shows the real time indicators of calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled, current speed, pulse rate via the sensors on the handles and scan that gives you each of these readings one by one every 9 seconds without you pressing anything.

You need a CR2 battery to operate the LCD display and this is included in the box. The 35 lb. robust chrome flywheel ensures a stable ride with the felt pads for the pressure resistance that you can adjust by turning the dial to increase or decrease it. And when you press this tension knob down it will act like an emergency brake to stop the flywheel for times that you can’t stop by yourself. You’ll find two transport rollers at the front of the Wonder Maxi Bike and you can push the bike by holding the handles.

The Wonder Maxi has a robust and durable, high quality frame that can have a total user weight capacity of 280 pounds. The lower 250 pound weight limit specified on the product page is a more conservative one and it can certainly carry more than that. It is easy on the eyes with a very Wonder Maxi WSP6908H Indoor Bike 35lb Flywheelmodern design with a circle on the flywheel. There is a large and properly padded soft saddle for your comfort especially over your longer sessions. By having this large and comfy seat you’ll be able to ride for longer and burn more calories.

The textured cage style pedals are anti-slip and offer you great support when you’re pedaling. The large seat can be adjusted four ways- up and down, forward and backward and the the handle can be adjusted two ways- up and down to fit people of different sizes and heights, shorter and taller. It requires simple assembly as it comes with some parts or accessories already assembled. So it shouldn’t take you too long to put it together. At the current price level at Amazon.com, we think it is pretty good value.

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