X-MAG Deluxe Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Review

X-MAG Deluxe Gravity Inversion Therapy Table 

X-MAG Gravity Inversion Table

This hot new release gravity inversion table by X-MAG is a deluxe model with a solid build and user-friendly features. It has a flexible, adjustable and foldable design and includes the thick and properly padded Comfort Foam headrest and backrest- contoured bed with hand grips.

The wrap-around ankle cups have the patented design with the specialty foam. So you get plenty of support and feel comfortable on it when you’re inverting. The backrest and handrest flex and help with the optimal stretching so you get the best relief and benefit out of your inversion. It lets you invert completely at 180 degrees- stand upside down as you move your body with very easy arm movements and you can return to your original position very easily.

You will be in total control of the movements with the precision rotation. It is a reliable and sturdy product being made of very good quality steel parts and components- the heat-treated heavy gauge steel. And the total weight capacity is 330 pounds and people between 4’10” and 6’5” tall, as the unit has the measurements of 59 x 29 x 44 inches and 39 x 15.4 inches backrest. The pivot bearings, cam locks, and automatic locking hinges are all made from solid and sturdy steel.

X-MAG Gravity Inversion Therapy Table

Comfort foam padding is very dense and covered with a two-tone vinyl. It is not only for reducing back stress and back pain, but will also help you build strength, enhance your blood circulation, and help improve the spine and joint health. So it is fair to say that it is a relatively versatile inversion table.

You can purchase certain optional accessories that will help you get a better or different inversion experience, get more traction on your lower back, or get a nice Shiatsu massage. It has the patented track-style bed and it is made of great components and very high-quality steel.

X-Mag Gravity Inversion Table is comfortable and easy to use overall and you can adjust it to different body types. You can fold it easily and store it away when you’re done with your inversion session. It offers simple rotational control at 20, 40 and 60 degrees. You can use it every day and you’ll start seeing results if you’re suffering from back or neck pain as it will help alleviate it in a few sessions. It is a very decent product that is easy to put together and the table feels quite balanced.

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