XioNiu Adjustable Folding Weight Bench and Barbell Rack Review

XioNiu Adjustable Folding Weight Bench and Barbell Rack

XioNiu Adjustable Foldable Bench

XioNiu Adjustable Folding Weight Bench and Barbell Rack is a robust and durable, multifunctional indoor strength training fitness equipment for your variety of whole body exercises in the comfort of your home gym. It has an impressive average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 16 customers at the moment and your color options are orange and red at the moment.

You can perform a variety of upper body, core section and lower body exercises on this multifunctional workout bench, including squats, bench presses, chest presses, elevated push-ups, step-ups, shoulder presses and more. As the bench is adjustable to five different angles you can perform your exercises at different angles, to target your shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, abs and more. You can use it as a flat bench or at 4 other incline angles.

XioNiu Adjustable Weight Bench is a good quality fitness unit with a commercial grade thick steel frame that has gone through high temp painting of multiple steps, that is anti-rusting and moisture-proof. You can use the anti-slip mats underneath to make it feel stable and you can lift your weights and do your reps without the bench & rack sliding and you can feel safe. It is a solid product that has passed many weight and other durability tests and you can have a peace of mind. The seat and backrest with a nice padding and imitation leather cover feel comfortable especially during your longer sessions.

XioNiu Bench & Rack is made of steel, metal and faux leather. The total weight capacity is specified as 330 pounds or 150kg. It has a space saving foldable design and measures 29.9 x 17.7 x 53.5 inches as folded with a small footprint. You can easily fold the barbell rack and use the pins at the bottom to secure it, relocate it easily to a good corner, in your closet or under your bed. The XioNiu Adjustable Folding Weight Benchheight of the rack is 29.6″ wide and can be adjusted between 31.5 and 41.3 inches, seat is 10.2 x 11.8 inches, cushion is 31.5 x 10.2inches and the seat is 17.7 inches off the ground.

If you have any issues or queries about this bench & rack, you can contact their after sales customer support team. In the package you will find the weight bench and rack with accessories, two ropes and the user manual. XioNiu Adjustable Folding Weight Bench is modern, very well constructed with a sturdy frame and comfortable seat and backrest. It was designed by the recommendations of pro personal trainers. We are happy to recommend it and think it is at least worth checking out. Please have a look at the product page at Amazon.com for current prices.

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