Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, XMCB Review

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Stairmaster (XMCB) is a portable mini commercial grade stair stepper with a premium look and feel. It is made of solid and durable cast aircraft alloy and has an optimum ergonomic design. As a popular hot new release stepper it is currently rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by 225 customers on the day of this short review. ‎

Black Xiser Stairmaster is compact, lightweight and portable, weighs 13.5 pounds and measures 21L x 14W x 4H inches as folded. It does not require any assembly and can be used almost straight out of the box and in any location as you also do not need to plug it into a power outlet. You can assemble or disassemble it easily for being moved around on your travels or for easy storage.

Xiser is made in USA 100% for both in terms of labor and parts and has been in the market for almost 4.5 decades as an anaerobic trainer. It is the original stair climbing smulator and currently promoted as the only step sprint trainer and the first stepping machine ever on the market. It is the lightest step machine on the market with a weight of 13.5 pounds and the only stepper that you can use for the sprint training HIT and aerobic training. The level of resistance can be adjusted easily for your different needs.

Despite being so lightweight it is able to support a maximum total user weight of 400 pounds (181.5kg) which is definitely more than the other steppers on the market. Please note that this premium stepper is not designed by a marketing company, but by PhD’s. It has a great ergonomic design that is correct biomechanically. And you can easily use it under a standing desk for you all day long when you work at your desk in the office or at home. It is not a cheap stepper by any means but is still cheaper than an annual membership at decent gyms.

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

By regular use every day or several times a week and eating healthy overall it can help you increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone the lower body muscles and core section, improve overall fitness level, fight the depression, reduce your stress levels, help with insomnia, increase energy and confidence, improve your posture and stop the signs of aging like osteoporosis.

Xiser Stairmaster is convenient and reliable and you can pretty much move it and store it anywhere. It is made of solid and durable cast aircraft alloy and an optimum ergonomic design. You can put it under your bed, desk or in the closet, lean it against a wall or hang it. You can take it with your wherever you go, on boats, RVs, cars, trains or planes. It is solid and durable, safe to use and does not require any maintenance. Please refer to the product page on how to use it in different positions, like standing with the whole food placed to just the balls of the feet, and in a squat- ski position. April 16, 2011 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is currently the 36th best seller among the Step Fitness Machines on the website.

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