XMark 11-Gauge FID Flat Incline Decline Bench XM-7472 Review

XMark Flat Incline Decline Bench XM-7472 via Amazon

XMark 11-Gauge FID Flat Incline Decline Bench XM-7472

XMark XM-7472 is an FID- Flat Incline Decline bench with a total weight capacity of 1500 pounds including the user and weights and 7 back pad adjustments that let you do anything between military press to decline press. Powder coat finish scratch resistant 11-gauge steel mainframe construction makes it look and feel solid and durable. As a key weight bench it is suitable for use by both newbies and advanced users as it offers both comfort and stability. The angles are -20, 0, 20, 35, 50, 65 & 85 degrees according to the bench stickers and you have the option to get silver or white colour (both with black seat and back pad).

The seat can be adjusted to three different positions, roller pads are large and vinyl covered, leg holders as support especially when you’re doing decline crunches bolted on feet are anti-slip and very thick and durable- 3 inch Duracraft pad seat and backpad that is 33 L x 11.5 W inches at its largest point. XMark XM-7472 can be moved around easily with its integrated wheels if you wish to store it away in the corner of your room or move between cable machines or power cages. You need a decent, solid, well balanced, very sturdy and comfortable weight bench in any home gym setting for a more effective and safer workout and it is important that it offers at least 4-5 positions including a decline position so you’ll get to work on different muscle groups in a range of workouts. You certainly don’t want a very cheap bench that will start shaking after a couple of months of use and we have to point out that they may be unsafe when you’re lifting very heavy weights and you do need something with a decent quality seat and back padding for both your comfort during workout and improve your ability to lift a little more.

XMark 11-Gauge Flat Incline Decline Bench XM-7472

The XMark XM-7472 is good for build quality, stability, adjustment points and above average design as the mainframe of the bench is made of a solid 2 x 3 inches piece of steel powered by an 11 gauge commercial grade construction. One of the customers suggested that the back pad and seat should be a little closer and we don’t have the unit on hand but by looking at the photos the distance between the two are OK? It is easy on the eyes and feels quite stable even when you lift heavier weights as it won’t squeak or rock and if cost is not an issue then it is definitely a good choice out of all the benches, and it is not very expensive anyway, if you can just have a look through the links on this page as there are always deals and discounts available on Amazon.com. You can purchase the leg curl and leg extension XM-7455 and preacher curl XM-7454 as optional attachments- they should also come in handy to a lot of people. It scores 4.6/5 out of 41 customer reviews as of today on Amazon and this is a great indication of what this bench is all about.

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