XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608 Review

XMark XM-7608 12 Position Ab Bench via Amazon

XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608

XMark XM7608 is a modern, durable and functional ab bench for targeting mainly abdominal muscles with a variety of exercises with 12 adjustable decline angles / positions on its 43 inch tall rail (and 66.3 x 22.4 inches assembled dimensions) and 3 inch pad for your comfort during exercise which also make it look visually quite appealing. Its solid build quality of commercial 11-gauge 3 x 2 inch steel construction ensures durability, safety and stability during workout and is designed for home and light commercial use and not for heavy gym settings.

It is suitable for use by ordinary home users that want to develop better abs or the best athletes (beginner to advanced levels). Baked powder coat finish makes it resistant to scratches, the Duraguard vinyl cushions are both tear and sweat resistant and double stitched and the 4.33 inch vinyl covered rollers with chrome end caps are nice and big for your comfort and support for behind the knee and ankle. Middle hand grip (bullhorn handlebar) is great for easily getting on and off the machine (easy mounting and dismounting). You get firm support with the very thick 3 inch split duracraft cushions during your ab or dumbbell (arm and chest) exercises. XMark XM-7608 is offered in white and silver colours so you can choose the one you like more or would fit better with your room decor. It is quite easy to assemble when you take it out of the box as you’ll find clear instructions and as each part is properly marked and and use for mostly abdominal workouts.

XMark XM-7608 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench

One of the customers mentioned that the leg pads could be a little longer than they actually are and they feel a little hard on their legs but this is not a common complaint (we don’t have the unit on hand and can only comment on how it looks on photos, technical specs and features and various customer reviews). It has rear transport wheels so you can move it around easily and store it away at some convenient part of your house. At this price level you obviously can’t compare it to 800 dollar+ gym units but still overall the XMark Ab Bench is a great quality commercial grade piece of fitness equipment (similar to those that you’d find at the smaller gyms) with its solid and sturdy construction that feels stable during workout (no wobbling around) and that will satisfy even the very picky customers.

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